Morning! 5 with Fitz - 01/08/21

Keith Fitz-Gerald

January 12, 2021

Good morning!

The markets are charging higher yet again and a lot of folks are worried that they’re “expensive” so they’re staying on the sidelines and, predictably, falling still further behind. Thing is … they’re right.

What most people are missing is deceptively simple. The markets ARE expensive but only when viewed through the lens of where the world’s been. NOT where it’s going.

I think we’ll see a bit of a pullback by the time you read this.

Here’s my playbook.

1 – I've urged you to get on board … Tesla

Yes, the company is expensive, and prices have gone completely “bat____”, a highly technical trading terms I can’t use in a family publication like this one. And, yes, I still think it hits $1,000 before a brief pause and $2,000 a share 24 months from now. It’s obviously dicey at these levels; even a share or two could be a game changer. Understand that volatility is your travelling companion, though.

There will be no cheese served if I hear whining! Control risk by keeping it on a tight leash, using trailing stops, etc. Options if that’s your bag.

2 – 2021: Rethink and reset (or risk missing the next 10 years of profits)

I’ll be delivering a critically important keynote address next Thursday from 4-430pm EST at the virtual Money Show and I’d love to have you join me.

2020 broke Wall Street’s models and the markets have changed forever. We’re heading into a golden era of investing but, sadly and predictably, most investors are going to miss out because they don’t know what to buy, when or even how.

I will also be moderating two dynamic panels, Tech Trends for the Next Decade and The Road Ahead – both of which will help you get up to speed on market conditions that could make a monster difference in your portfolio.

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3 – Understand eggs and you understand the rally

Many investors are struggling to comprehend the rally because it doesn’t make sense.

Think about eggs at the grocery store. If there are 1,000 eggs and only 1 buyer, the price will drop. If there are 1,000 buyers and only 10 eggs, the price will skyrocket.

Right now, there are a lot of buyers and comparatively few quality “eggs.”

4 – This … NY wants to tax 2nd homes

The war on success continues and feckless politicians are grasping at straws to make up a gaping hole in their budgets. Seems to me that creating a favorable business environment, safety, and security for all is how you draw people and their money TO the city.

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5 – Pfizer study shows vaccine works against virus variant

This is welcome news. There’s obviously a lot we don’t know but Pfizer is a long-time favorite of mine and a company I hope to hold for years. It’s a preliminary study but, still.

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Bottom Line

One of the toughest things about investing is letting your stocks play out. The markets will do everything they can to cause you to doubt your position, your investment, your strategy, yourself.

Take away that advantage by having a clear vision of YOU want to accomplish.

Then, stick to the plan.

Oh... and please check your email. The very first issue of One Bar Ahead launches at 12pm PST only 90 short minutes from now.

Make it a great day!

Keith :-)

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