Morning! 5 with Fitz - 10/20/20

Keith Fitz-Gerald

October 22, 2020

Good morning!

… “Never mind the green”

I thought to myself as I grabbed the keys and charged out the door in my sweats. I’d gotten a call from the alarm company moments earlier that my parents fire alarm had activated.

Turns out they’d triggered it and shut it off shortly thereafter. Dad likes to cook early in the morning … but as he ages, that’s not always a graceful process like it used to be. Nor, evidently smoke free.

Anyway, I’m back at my screens and I like the fact that futures are higher – in the green – again on positive earnings. As was the case Monday, I don’t know if there’s enough there to “stick” absent a stimulus deadline deal. In fact, I think the Google Antitrust Suit (which is supposed to be filed today) could throw a wrench in things. It’s going to be the first anti-monopoly case in decades. More in a moment.

Here’s what I’m watching this morning:

1 – No deal risks absolute chaos

Pelosi and Mnuchin and “narrow” their differences all they want; I don’t give a damn about political stunts and find what’s happening grotesque. Millions of Americans are hurting and desperately need another package. Covid-19 is a biologic event which means the country needs to heal, not play political games.

2 - MICROSOFT earnings after the bell - Oct 27th.

The “best, not the rest” isn’t just about profits

It’s about picking companies that will hold up better if the markets pitch another fit. Yes, they’ll come under pressure but, chances are, fall less and recover faster, too.

3 – Forget 35,000 feet, see the world from 6 ft

I think it’ll be 2025 before travel related metrics return to 2019 levels. Even with pre-flight testing, I think the optics have changed forever.

In the meantime, my family has rediscovered how much fund a good old-fashioned road trip can be!

4 – Google Antitrust Reports = Opportunity

Futures are slimming down on reports that the Justice Department is going to file antitrust action against Google.

This has been a long time coming. In fact, I noted specifically “American regulators will ultimately follow along" during a May 20, 2014 appearance on Varney & Co when discussing a potential European Union vote along antitrust lines.

And, bam … here we are.

I think this development will take the wind out of tech and, in doing so, create a fantastic buying opportunity fi you want to get on board but haven’t yet or simply missed the boat last time around. $AAPL $MSFT $GOOG etc ... all "on sale" shortly?

Don't miss the shot!

5 – The only sub-$10 stock I own

I hear it time and again… I wanna buy a stock $5, usually from people who think they’re going to make a grundle of money “because it’s inexpensive.” Good luck with that… they’re not just inexpensive, but cheap for a reason.

US-tech stocks were worth more than $9 trillion, more than the entire European stock market! Buy a share if you have to or fractional shares. The math is the same but the profit potential is radically higher.

Save Palantir (PLTR) – the one sub-$10 stock I’ve purchased and will continue to add to if the markets let me.

Bottom Line

Many people equate value with luck but, in reality, it’s really a function of prioritizing your goals. You may get lucky and win big in the markets but I’d rather make it happen any day of the week.

Learn, practice, hone your craft.

That’s how real wealth gets built and how you improve your results over time.

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