Morning! 5 with Fitz - 10/26/20

Keith Fitz-Gerald

October 27, 2020

Good morning!

Markets are dropping as I type which is expected given the news over the weekend from Europe and one particular soundbite here from WHCOS Mark Meadows.

Here’s how I’m setting up with my own money and thinking:

1 – Mark Meadows ... WTH was he thinking?

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows may just have single-handedly clobbered rally prospects saying that the Trump administration is “not going to control the pandemic” but will control that we get vaccines etc.

Dumb, dumb, dumb IMHO!!!

Hope drives everything and, while this may be true, people are not ready to hear it let alone give up hoping. Especially with a monster earnings week on tap!

2 – Monster earnings week ahead > FOCUS!!

This week will be amazing! $AAPL $PFE $V $MSFT (I own/trade) and more including $BA $FB (which I don’t). I expect there to be plenty of good news even though the markets will tempt you not to think so. Any company not hitting the mark will get pummeled. Invest in optimism!

To a point I made minutes ago on Varney & Co, “Chaos always creates opportunity!”

3 - China bans Boeing / Raytheon from selling to Taiwan but stay tuned

Beijing pressures American companies all the time when it comes to Taiwan, especially defending Taiwan so this is big. However, I expect the real fireworks to start shortly when Beijing steps up to ban Boeing’s civilian jet liner business as I think they will before this is done.

China’s been developing its own jets, using Boeing and Airbus technology. Let’s see how much gets stolen and put into new, native Chinese aircraft – my guess is a lot. Short $BA but buy $RTX?

4 – Where the real money will be made and lost in real estate

Blackstone buying Simply Self Storage for $1.5 billion. I think this speaks volumes about where the real money in real estate’s going to be made and lost. Urban flight, people living at home, smaller houses … low turnover, low expenses but imminently raiseable rent roll. I’m thinking Life Storage (LSI) ... yield 3.39%.

5 – Pre-election Checklist

I will be keynoting the virtual MoneyShow tomorrow at 4pm EST. Registration is FREE and I’d love to “see” you there!

Contrary to what many believe, I think there’s still plenty of opportunity up for grabs and we’re going to talk about how to find it.

Bottom Line

This week could go either way but the one thing that will go our way – yours and mine – is that chaos always creates opportunity. I am probably going to sit tight today but am already planning to add to my portfolio including positions in $APPL $PFE $PLTR and more if the markets give me the prices I’m looking for!

It’s more important than ever to be “in to win!”

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