Morning! 5 with Fitz - 11/18/20

Keith Fitz-Gerald

November 18, 2020

Good morning!

Back to the races - there may be more - selling - ahead but don't let that phase you! A bout of selling every now and then is critical to moving higher.

I continue to believe 2021 could be one for the record books and, in fact, will be talking about that Thursday at 4pm EST in a keynote address at the virtual MoneyShow. Signup is FREE and I'd love for you to join me! Click here to do that now.

Meanwhile, here’s my take on the headlines.

1 – More vaccine news creates more confidence (and profit potential)

Forget about the vaccine itself, the news creates confidence. That’s what our money – meaning yours and mine – cannot afford to miss. I can easily see the markets tracking higher and, in fact, mentioned that to the fabulous Stuart Varney on Fox Business during a Monday morning appearance. Click here to watch.

Pfizer is still my preferred choice but I’m definitely selling more puts and reinvesting to boost my position over time. I’m also going to do the same with Johnson and Johnson as a result. I wish, frankly, that I’d purchased BioNTech but that ship has sailed and I don’t want to chase it.

2 – What nobody wants to say about Twitter and Facebook – but should!

I say strip ‘em of Section 230 protections and designate Facebook, Twitter et al publishers. Then, let capitalism sort this out by creating a no holds barred social media arena AND a parallel universe where civil behavior is the norm. I think advertisers will sort out where they want to be in a hurry … and, I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s on the civil side.

What nobody wants to say about Twitter and Facebook is that they’ve made billions giving a platform to nasty, mean-spirited and downright dangerous people. I won’t be investing in either Facebook or Twitter any time soon because I find their leadership of questionable conscious. You may have an entirely different opinion (and that's great).

Click here to watch my take with Maria Bartiromo this morning.

3 – Boeing flies again?

The FAA has apparently granted approvals needed to put the 737 MAX back in flight and the stock has risen significantly in afterhours. I sold puts super low to capitalize on volatility in an attempt to buy shares; this news means I’ve got a good shot at closing the trade down profitably. I remain leery about buying the stock, though.

4 – Sores says he regrets buying Palantir – good!

George Soros is an investing legend and someone from whom I’ve learned a lot over the years. However, I increasingly find myself in complete disagreement with him, especially when it comes to Palantir.

The fact that he regrets buying shares is a gold-plated invitation to buy more – at least to me anyway.

Tactically speaking, I think there’s a good possibility Sores owns enough shares to pressure prices when he does unload but that doesn’t disturb the case for owning shares one red cent. If anything, it’s a fabulous buying opportunity and I hope I’m smart enough to seize the day if this scenario comes to pass the way I think it might.

5 – Truly a "what the ____" moment (sorry to be so blunt)

My jaw dropped this morning when I read that elected officials in Chicago want to assess a special tax on businesses within the Miracle Mile that were looted … so that they can rebuild??!! Please excuse the bluntness, but truly a WT__ moment.

History shows very clearly that money flows to where it is treated best and Chicago’s leaders may create the ultimate disincentive for companies to return to commercial properties there. The situation is much the same in many cities which is why I think municipal bonds and retail property ETFs are at much larger risk than most people think, especially when it comes to income so many depend on which is why I own only a bit of the former and none of the latter at the moment.

Bottom Line

Many investors watch the news and think about all the reasons they can’t do something or conjure up reasons they shouldn’t invest in this or that company. Try flipping that around – the path to profits is always built upon what you CAN do (and buy).

Missing opportunity is always more expensive that trying to avoid risks you cannot control.

I’d love to help!

Keith :-)

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