Morning! 5 with Fitz - 11/19/20

Keith Fitz-Gerald

November 19, 2020

Good morning!

Looks like some more downside ahead today as I type, a possibility I cautioned against yesterday. Again, though, do NOT let that put you off nor shift your focus any more than I'm letting it distract me. Every move higher starts with a bout of selling to build the base needed to support higher prices.

Got a big day on tap!

1 – Making Money with Charles Payne - 2pm EST

I’m going to be talking with the super-savvy Charles Payne on Fox Business Network at 2pm EST about current market conditions, mounting coronavirus restrictions and which stocks I’m tracking as a result. Exact topics are TBD depending on how today’s trading session goes.

Please tune in if you can – I’d be honoured!

2 – 2021: What to buy ahead of time and why – 4pm EST

I’m keynoting the virtual MoneyShow today at 4pm EST and I’d be thrilled if you join me. I’ll be sharing my latest thinking on how to find big winners, avoid risks that trap most investors and, of course, where I see the markets heading next and which stocks I'm buying with my own money.

You can sign up for FREE by clicking this link.

3 – Tesla -> $1,000+ a share

I’ve long made the case that Tesla is waaaaay more than a car company and that, in fact, CEO Elon Musk is rewiring the entire power production industry.

Many people have challenged me on that saying some not too nice things or, frankly, even smirking at my expense as was the case during presentation in Las Vegas a few years ago with a few thousand folks in the audience. Nobody’s laughing now.

In fact, I’ve got company from none other than Morgan Stanley which just slapped a $540 per share price target on shares saying that the company was "more than a car company." Yep!

To reiterate, valuing Tesla as a car company ignores everything else the company’s doing … in software, in services, in solar panels, in batteries, in grid ties, in energy trading … I’m going to be trading some more options. I think shares hit $1,000 next 24 months or sooner.

4 – Two more titans flee for Florida

Keith Rabois – formerly of Square and PayPal has had it after living in the Bay Area for more than 20 years. He’s leaving for Florida. So’s Tommy Hilfiger who just “quick-saled” his Connecticut estate for a cool $47.5 million.

Politicians do NOT get it – money will ALWAYS flow to where it is treated best. Those who are left because they cannot or do not have the capacity to move will be left with higher tax bills, crumbling infrastructure and even worse conditions.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I think muni bonds are now a unimaginable risk as are real estate funds that many income starved investors rely on. I own only a small sliver of the former and none of the latter.

5 – Super Bowl goes cashless with one of my favorite stocks

This is cool. The NFL cut a deal with Visa – which I own – to make the entire experience cashless. I’ve long maintained this was the way of the future and chose Visa early on because it’s best in class. This reinforces that decision and I’m thrilled to see it happening.

Bottom Line

The perma-bears are going to jump all over a few hours of selling with their brand of “investing” advice. In fact, I already see ‘em circling in the pre-market chat rooms. Instead, find cheerleaders.

You can make a lot more money and have a lot more fun doing it when you’re surrounded by positive people who want you to succeed.

Starting with me!

You got this – I promise!

See you in a few hours,

Keith :-)

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