3 things to think about as I type in the darkness

Good morning!

I woke up this morning to a complete systems failure thanks to a winter storm rolling through our area. If you’re receiving this, that’s good because it means our backup backups are working.

Three things to think about as I type in the darkness.

First, the Fed isn’t getting the results it wants, which means that it’s likely to change the rules. That speaks to the need to remain conservatively focused—best companies, ignore the rest—for a while longer. Dividends especially!

Second, volatility is likely to remain with us. The markets are being bid up (because there’s a lot of money coming in), but the computers are also ramping up (because the big money is using that as an opportunity to sweep the weak money out). For many, this will be scary, but for the smart money, it’s an opportunity.

Third, market leaders for the next bull are already being established, so it’s important to have a toe in the proverbial water.

Companies like NVDA are a great example. It’s already up 115%+ from 52-week lows and could double again within the next 12–24 months before most investors understand what’s happening.

Others will join the party, so it’s important you have a toe in the proverbial water ahead of time.

Anyway, stay warm and dry wherever this email finds you.

As always, MAKE it a great day!

Keith 😊