How to build an AI “sandwich” and why you’ll want to

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All three indices have opened higher as Wall Street gets ready for tomorrow’s jobs report.

Stay focused!

The potential for financial shenanigans is higher than normal—and the last thing you want is to get separated from your money because you let your emotions get the better of you.

Here’s my playbook.

How to build an AI “sandwich”

AI—artificial intelligence—is not going away anytime soon.

It’s at an inflection point.

Contrary to what many think, investing in AI is pretty straightforward.

Here are my thoughts with the fabulous Charles Payne yesterday when he very kindly invited me on his show to talk about it. And kindly noted one of our most recent successes that just put up big numbers. (Watch)

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All the proof you need to own defense stocks

Amazingly, millions of investors still don’t understand the case for defense stocks.

Seems to me it’s pretty straightforward.

China is building hundreds of new missile sites, WMDs, and weapons capable of operating in space… all with the express purpose of being able to engage the US in sustained, large-scale conflict.



My preferred choice has returned 60.24% over the past 5 years, according to Eikon, but there’s another stock that could do even better over the next few years. Several, actually.

OBAers: You already own both if you’re following along as directed—and I hope you are! 😊

Citadel’s Ken Griffin says what everybody’s feeling

Love him or hate him, Citadel’s Ken Griffin calls things like he sees ‘em.

I can’t help but cheer him on.

Griffin told the Fed to “shut up,” noting that it can’t work miracles and that Team Powell should stop confusing markets. (Read)


Almost word for word what I’ve been saying from Day One.

Go Ken!!!

Meanwhile, keep bond duration short and enjoy the rising rates for what they are… a chance to ladder into higher income choices. And, of course, invest defensively in the world’s best companies.

My bride won’t be happy about this!

The US International Trade Commission just banned imports of video-streaming fitness devices made by Peloton (PTON) and iFit Inc. after a judge found they infringed on patents held by Dish Network Corp. (Read)


This one’s personal.

My wife’s NordicTrack treadmill has been on the fritz because—ta da—the iFit video monitor failed. We’ve been waiting on a replacement for months, but now it appears we may not get one… ever.

Admittedly, a treadmill is comparatively small potatoes in the scheme of things.

There’s a bigger issue.

What most investors should be thinking about when they read a headline like this one is just how much new technology there really is, where it’s made, and by whom.

Anybody know of a US-made, US-sourced alternative?

Hit me up via email if you do.

Why crypto may become uninvestable shortly

Silvergate Capital, a bank that has long been at the heart of the digital currency industry, is shutting down. (Read) Bitcoin has dipped slightly to $21,733.58, and Ether is down to $1,540.43 as I type, according to Yahoo! Finance.

That’s not the real concern, though.

Silvergate operated the Silvergate Exchange Network, and that means there may be a corresponding drop in liquidity as it ceases operations.

Here’s where it could get interesting.

Any time you have a drop in liquidity, you usually get a corresponding rise in volatility. My fear is that cryptocurrencies could become uninvestable for all but the nimblest traders.

We’ll see.

Meanwhile, watch for China’s digital yuan.

The US doesn’t see it as anything more than a digital nuisance, but in fact, the digital yuan represents what could be the single biggest threat to the USD ever.

China always telegraphs its punches.

Bottom Line

The next generation of millionaires is being created right now.

Do NOT miss the boat.

Find the right companies, learn the needed tactics, hone your craft.

Be in to win or you won’t… win.

Keith 😊