Are YOU tired of getting nowhere despite best efforts?

Do YOU feel like the market is beating you up?

Do YOU understand why a consistent, rules-based investment approach can help you score bigger wins, more consistently?

Do YOU know why accurate thinking is more important than positive thinking?

Could YOU use help perfecting a trading system, technique, or tactic?

Would YOU like to understand why the big money really moves (and how to take advantage of that)?

Are YOU ready to boost your bottom line?

What are YOU waiting for?

How it works

Here's the deal

Knowledge isn't cheap but not knowing something can be terribly expensive.

Especially now.

That's why I'm opening up my calendar to mentor a few select people who are serious about getting ahead.

One on one.

What we cover is entirely up to you.

You're in control.

Your topics, your agenda, your questions.

Keith Fitz-Gerald Mentoring
Keith Fitz-Gerald in Tokyo
Keith Fitz-Gerald at Trading Desk
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I'd like to know a little bit about you to prepare for our call.

It's your dime and I'm not going to waste it.

*Please know that I cannot and will not provide answer questions that can be construed as individualized investment advice.
Not only would this be against the rules, but our lawyers would pitch a fit, too. It is your money and your responsibility.*


one 60-minute call


Three 60-minute callS


24 hours with Keith


*$5,000 if you're footing the bill to go do something fun like driving in the Alps, or getting pizza in Italy

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