MMI™ Trading Signals

If you’ve been looking for an edge you can count on, this could be just the ticket.

The MMI™ is for experienced self-directed investors and traders seeking a trusted source of predictive, professional trade timing signals that can be used to identify hi-probability trading setups, confirm independent analysis, offer confirmation or strategy diversification or otherwise improve results.

The MMI™ Indicator is based on nearly 40 years of proprietary research into predictive nonlinear relationships found in price data, relative valuation, and liquidity that are otherwise undetectable by conventional technical and fundamental analysis.

Users receive a spreadsheet via email prior to the opening bell every trading day with a list of MMI™ Signals ranked on a three point scale from the most aggressive buys (1's) to trend confirmation signals (2's) and stocks that are at risk of breaking down, flattening out or otherwise reversing (3's).

Users also receive a proprietary daily liquidity ranking highlighting where the money is clustering ahead of each trading session. Users are free to sort this data any way they'd like.

The MMI™ Universe presently includes the S&P 500 and Russell 1000 but will be expanded to include other indices, currencies and foreign markets depending on user demand.

The essentials

- For experienced, self-directed investors and traders ONLY
- There is NO commentary provided whatsoever
- Daily signals ranked on a predictive 3 point scale from most aggressive entries to stocks most at risk of breaking down or stalling
- Daily liquidity rankings
- $69 a month, no refunds. Cancel at any time.

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