1200+ prime time guest appearances on Fox Business Network, CNBC, Bloomberg and other networks.

My analysis and perspective has appeared in other media outlets over the years, too including Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, MarketWatch and Forbes.com, which lauded me as a market visionary in 2010.

I'm known for being able to quickly distill complicated markets down to understandable, actionable information and specific recommendations that viewers understand and appreciate. I make my points in an articulate, positive and often humorous way your audience will appreciate and your anchors will enjoy.

I am fortunate to have one of the best publicly documented predictive records in the business with notable "ahead of time" calls including:

The Global Financial Crisis
The Dot.com Bubble

I am available on short-notice and maintain an in-office studio for rapid response. Please contact my team directly for media and interview requests.

Keith Fitz-Gerald with Stuart Varney on Fox Business


I believe anybody can take their money, their investing, and their wealth to the next level. My goal is to give audiences the information they need to help make that happen with every speech I deliver.

I've shared the stage with people like Steve Forbes, Jim Rogers, Kevin Harrington and others a lot smarter than I am for nearly 20 years at events around the world. I am fortunate to be consistently rated a top presenter by audiences who love it when I'm "in the house."

Each presentation is customized, up to date and uniquely shaped to reflect current events and my outlook.

Keynotes include:

  • "Every Dollar You Make for the Next 10 Years is on this List"
  • "You Got This - I promise!"
  • "The Millionaire Moment"
  • "The Only Foolproof Way to Find and Buy Great Stocks"
Keith Fitz-Gerald Speaking on a stage at a seminar


All the insight in the world isn't worth a hill of beans unless you can show people how to achieve real, verifiable results on their own.

I love teaching and do so frequently at breakout sessions following my keynotes.

Popular topics range from high level investment and trading strategies to specific battle-tested, tactics and techniques that can help any investor or trader achieve better results and future-proof their wealth. Every investment involves the risk of loss so risk management is a critical part of the process.

From beginners who'd like a proven road map that'll help them get started even though they don't have a lot of money to veteran investors and traders with decades of experience under the belt, I can show your audience how to make better, more consistently profitable decisions.

Every presentation is customized to audience needs.

Keith Fitz-Gerald before speaking at MoneyShow

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