Best Stocks to Short in 2015

Some companies that are in the process of being down and out and others with a huge fan bases are on my “short” list.

As originally published at Money Morning
How to Profit from the Five Scariest Stocks on Wall Street Right Now
By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

Most investors focus exclusively on buying stocks in an attempt to capture huge returns. That’s too bad, because it means they restrict themselves to half the opportunities available to them.

I bring this up because markets move up AND down, which means there is plenty of profit potential to be had in both directions.

George Soros, for instance, is reported to have made $1 billion in a single trade that famously almost broke the Bank of England in 1992.

John Paulson made billions from the housing crisis when it hit by betting against the grain.

Doug Kass of Seabreeze Partners fame is famous for bucking conventional wisdom on seemingly-mighty companies and laughing all the way to the bank.

That’s why shorting is one of the first Total Wealth tactics I shared with you.

Obviously, shorting stocks isn’t for everybody – it takes a lot of guts and more than a little conviction to do it profitably. Not to mention a whole lot of discipline. But done right, it can really boost your profits.

Here’s how to profit from the five scariest stocks on Wall Street… without owning them.

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    Keith on CNBC: ECB’s Upcoming Decision

    The European Central Bank is ready to announce its plans on quantitative easing. I expect 3-4 days of market volatility and I’m on the lookout for buying opportunities. On CNBC’s Closing Bell, we discussed what will be the end result of his highly anticipated announcement. Plus, what kind of impact from earnings season should we expect to see.

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      Your Financial Advisor and You

      The relationship you build with your financial advisor must begin with straight talk regarding these important topics.

      As originally published at Money Morning
      Five Questions Wall Street Hopes You’ll Never Ask
      By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

      Last week I heard from long-time reader Ms. Florence D. A sharp 87-years young, she’s facing a situation that’s all too common for many investors who were seduced by Wall Street’s overreliance on the “never lose money” mantra.Now she’s got a few money-losing commodity and financial stocks on hand (not ones I recommended, fortunately) and is wondering if it’s time to “hire advice on each dog.”I think so.Good counsel is absolutely vital when it comes to building Total Wealth.

      Obviously, you can get some of that from me each week, especially when it comes to identifying trends, spotting opportunities, and helping you pick your trades. That’s because many times Wall Street simply cannot tell you what I can, nor can they offer the fiercely independent analysis I do. There are huge conflicts of interest that are well documented thanks to the Financial Crisis, and it’s not in Wall Street’s best interest to have you thinking independently.

      That said, there comes a time in every investor’s career when having the right advisor in your corner can mean the difference between huge profits and devastating losses. That’s because he or she will help you make decisions that are uniquely dependent on your personal situation. Examples include money moves needed to minimize taxes, leaving a legacy for your children and grandchildren or simply planning for life’s major events.

      But how do you find the right professional from amongst tens of thousands?

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        Does this Indicator Signal a Market Crisis?

        This indicator of potential doom has been making the rounds in the business media. If put in the proper prospective, an analysis of this measurement isn’t as bad as they would have you believe.

        As originally published at Money Morning
        The Truth about This “Meltdown” Indicator
        By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

        We talk about why you should always be in the stock market (and NOT for the same reasons Wall Street wants you in, either). That’s because being in the markets allows you tap into the inevitable growth that comes from capitalism and, by implication, humanity’s upside.

        Lately, though, people are beginning to doubt the premise behind that Total Wealth tactic.

        That’s due partly to recent trading action (which is unsettling), and partly due to the hype surrounding various indicators that are almost “guaranteed” to show a looming meltdown (which is unnerving).

        Right now the scary indicator making the rounds is  record “total margin debt.” Chances are you’ve probably seen the emails, too.

        … according to the New York Stock Exchange, investors have borrowed more than $457 billion against their brokerage accounts as of November 2014 – a new record. The social meme – the mantra, if you will – is that so much debt is unsustainable, and that it potentially undermines the entire market.

        I get that… debt is a four-letter word after all, especially when it comes to the central bankers and Wall Street fat cats. But this is different.

        In fact, I’d even go so far as to chalk this up to another case of “it isn’t what it seems.”

        Here’s the truth about this “meltdown” indicator.

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          Keith on CNBC: Obamacare and Oil

          Obamacare and oil are the points of emphasis during today’s sell-off. It’s fairly obvious to me why healthcare and insurance companies have seen growth. On the other hand, it’s quite a dilemma to navigate oil prices in the short term. In the long term, however, I remain positive on certain energy companies.

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            This Technology Sub-Trend is More Than “Entertaining”

            Content delivery is not just the playing field for Amazon and Netflix. There are better alternatives within this expanding trend in technology.

            As originally published at Money Morning
            When a Trend Shifts Like This, You Can Get Rich
            By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

            Did you see the investing opportunity in the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday?

            Not many investors did. It was easy to miss.

            It wasn’t the dazzling fashion on the red carpet or the celebrities congratulating each other. What really struck me was a huge signal for money-making in our Technology trend.

            Technology is easily our fastest-moving “Unstoppable Trend” – and the one with the most “sub-trends” and offshoots. We’re already doing great on one of those: Human Augmentation. Our target there is tiny Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (NYSE:EKSO), which quickly doubled and is still up more than 40% since I released my first report on it – with much more upside ahead.

            But what I saw Sunday was a very pronounced shift in a Technology sub-trend that is going to be one of the biggest opportunities of the next 5-10 years. Billions of dollars are getting sucked out of one industry and into a new one.

            Sadly, though, most investors are going to make two mistakes:

            1. They’ll try to hold onto the past (and previous winners) rather than acknowledge the shift; or,
            2. If they do recognize it, they’ll plow their money into choices where the potential upside is limited because it’s already “baked in,” as the expression goes.

            Do this instead…

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              Keith on CNBC World: Oil and the Market

              How will the drop in oil prices affect not only the energy sector but the markets in general from a long term perspective? Plus, what kind of companies should we be looking to target in the face of such a drastic move? These are a couple of the topics covered when I appeared on CNBC’s Street Signs.

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