The Trend You Can’t Turn A Blind Eye To

This strong trend is one that pains me to endorse but one that is a necessary part of any growth portfolio in today’s turbulent environment.

As originally published at Money Morning
The Trend Every Nation on Earth Is Pouring Money Into
By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

When we began our time together here at Total Wealth, I promised you a deep look at each of the primary trillion-dollar trends. I told you that every dime made in the markets for the next 10 years would be on this list of trends.

We jumped right in with Technology and our Human Augmentation target – the most inspirational tech company I’ve ever visited.

Today, I want to keep that promise and focus in on our second unstoppable global trend.

Sadly, given the state of the world these days, it could easily be the most unstoppable and profitable of all the trends we’re following.

I say “sadly” because I’m talking about War, Terrorism, & Ugliness.

Warfare… terrorism… disease… They’re all growth industries. It’s a natural effect of having more and more billions of people on this planet, greater interconnectedness, and greater access to travel, technology, weapons, and bad ideas.

Just look at the tragic shootings in Ottawa, Canada, earlier this week. The rapid spread of Ebola across continents. More abductions in Nigeria. ISIS terrorism in the Middle East. It’s a scary world out there. It’s my sincere hope that everybody who’s reading this is safe – and your families and friends are too.

Yet we’re not powerless.

Many of the best investment opportunities – including the one I’m sharing with you today – are geared towards STOPPING these things and mitigating the pain, suffering, and loss of life. In fact, this $7/share, off-the-radar company is working to keep soldiers and civilians out of harm’s way as part of the most promising technological advancement in warfare I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Whatever your feelings about war, there’s great satisfaction in making an investment that promotes the safety of the brave men and women who serve this country selflessly. I bet you’d agree

Here’s everything you need to know about the War, Terrorism, & Ugliness trend…

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    Like It or Not, Energy is What is Driving the Economy

    The Oil & Gas Exploration sector is hated by many (especially by those in Washington) and loved by a few. Count me in as one of the “few” and for some compelling reasons.

    As originally published at Money Morning
    Two Stocks to Buy to Play America’s Energy Boom
    By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

    It’s officially silly season in U.S. politics leading up to midterm elections, with both parties stooping to distraction and hyperbole. As usual, some of the most misguided utterances so far have come from the White House and, specifically, from our own Commander-in-Chief.

    Speaking to students and faculty at Northwestern University on October 2, 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama said of America’s economic recovery, “It is a direct result of the American people’s drive and determination… and the decisions made by my administration.”

    I totally agree with the first part of that statement. But the second part of it – the assertion that credit for whatever recovery we’ve had lies with his administration – is charitable, to put it mildly.

    Love him or hate him, nearly 45% of the recovery can be traced to this one, single economic sector, and the president is actually dead set against it.

    If you’re like me, your eyebrows just shot up. Mine sure did when I first took a hard look at the data and ran the numbers.

    That’s because I love the underdog. Anytime something is unloved and unnoticed, I’m interested, especially if the numbers line up. And, boy, do they ever in this case.

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      There Really is No Right Time to “Fold ‘em”

      No matter how stomach churning the economic, political or societal news is, we must cautiously remain invested in “cream of the crop” corporations for a myriad of reasons.

      As originally published at Money Morning
      Why You Should Always Be in the Stock Market (Even Now)
      By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

      On the heels of the worst volatility in nearly 20 years, and more “crash talk” than we’ve heard maybe ever, it’s starting to look like a smart time to hit the eject button and get out of the markets altogether.

      In fact, that’s probably the most common question I’m hearing these days:

      “Do I really want to be in stocks right now?”

      Believe me, I get it. Folks are emotionally shattered from seeing their wealth cut in half twice – once in 2000 and again in 2007-08. That’s why 55% of Americans have no money in the stock market at all, according to a Federal Reserve Board analysis from last year. I think the number is actually higher, because of the anecdotal evidence I gather on a daily basis.

      That means hundreds of millions of people are missing this blindingly simple tactic that drives our Total Wealth strategy.

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        Excited about Ekso Bionics

        My visit to Ekso’s headquarters blew me away. This company is on the cutting edge of what I have dubbed the “human augmentation” sector.

        As originally published at Money Morning
        Ekso Bionics Is the Most Inspirational Company I’ve Ever Visited
        By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

        A lot of investment analysts rely on company websites and investor relations to do their research. Very few leave their “ivory towers.”

        I’m a little different.

        I believe boots on the ground are the only way to go. That’s why I’ve traveled to more countries than I can count, to personally visit the companies I recommend. Some names you would know and some you’ve never heard of (yet). I talk to founders, CEOs, accountants, factory workers, and truck drivers. To be honest, I can get a little pushy sometimes. I poke around their warehouses, play with their equipment, sample their products, dig through their books, and (politely) interrogate their employees.

        I’m relentless with these guys – so much so that I got dubbed “the Indiana Jones of investing.” That made me laugh, but the way I see it, it’s simply my duty to you.

        If I’m going to recommend an investment, I’d better have a darned good idea of what the company does and how they do it. And you can’t find that on a website.

        So I was pretty excited about my recent visit Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (OTC:EKSO) to dig up the details on our unstoppable “human augmentation” trend.

        But I never thought I’d witness this…

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          Preparing your “Portfolio” for Ebola

          With the potential to be a devastating threat to civilization as we know it, Ebola is justifiably causing havoc in every corner of our lives – including the markets.

          As originally published at Money Morning
          Get Your Tactics Ready for the Ebola Market Event
          By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

          My sources tell me that Ebola is probably the most serious threat to humanity since the Bubonic Plague of the Middle Ages. Already it has spread to a dozen countries, including the U.S., and more than 4,000 people are dead. According to Dr. Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization (WHO), mortality rates are rising and now sit at 70%.

          This outbreak is more grim proof that Trend No. 6 – War, Terrorism, and Ugliness – is indeed a growth industry.

          That’s the next trend we’ll be discussing, though it’s easily my least favorite both personally and professionally. But it’s very, very important. So please stay tuned for that in the weeks ahead.

          In the meantime, Ebola has the potential to be a serious market event before it’s brought under control. So we need to talk about it logically – no hype, no conspiracies, and no nonsense. I mention those things because they’re all emotional inputs that can cloud your thinking and have a seriously negative impact on your money.

          Here are the tactics you need on hand for the Ebola market event.

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            Keith on Varney & Co: Market Correction

            I’m not the least bit concerned of a 10% market correction. It’s long overdue. I’m getting prepared to jump in and buy some carefully selected beat up companies when the time is right. Watch what I told Stuart regarding the matter plus we briefly discuss the effect the Hong Kong demonstrations have on the markets, if any.

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              Cashing In On the Market Downdraft

              There are a myriad of choices to take advantage of the recent draw down in stock prices. Here are a couple of my favorites.

              As originally published at Money Morning
              How to Trade After a Market Reversal
              By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

              The markets fell hard yesterday (Thursday), in the biggest one-day drop so far this year.

              Traders kept their fingers on the sell button pretty much all day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 335 points, the much broader S&P 500 Index got shellacked 41 points, and the tech-laden Nasdaq lost 90 points.

              Yet this is NOT a “run for the hills” moment.

              Instead, it’s a fantastic short-term trading opportunity.

              Reversals usually are. They result in a fundamental change in the pricing assumptions that otherwise propel prices higher. Most of the time they’re the result of changes in some fundamental catalyst like interest rates, Fed notes, or, in this case, the IMF’s report that global growth will only hit 3.3% this year.

              So what do you do?

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                Keith on CNBC World: Market Correction

                I’m not ready to “Head for the Hills” quite yet. In fact, I believe the upcoming earnings season will likely beat expectations and provide some support for the markets. On CNBC World’s Capital Connection I explain what is causing the market to fall plus I share some the key indicators I’m watching.

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