Understanding Demographics Is a Major Key to Profits

With our next “Unstoppable Global Trend” we will delve into a deeper understanding of how demographics works, how to read where money flows around the world, and how to benefit by owning the proper investments.

As originally published at Money Morning
This “Unstoppable Trend” Is Good for (Another) Double
By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

We’ve now explored two of our six “Unstoppable Global Trends.”Our first one, Human Augmentation, was a subset of the Technology trend… and a knock-the-leather-off-the-ball kind of opportunity. It’s still very much that way, even though the little company I shared with you, EKSO Bionics Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: EKSO), doubled in a matter of weeks. Then we explored Standoff Warfare, part of the War, Terrorism, & Ugliness trend.

(We’ve also touched tactics with a look at Energy, taking advantage of a big dip in oil prices to deploy our lowball order on a big player in the sector, and Medicine, which we discussed during the Ebola scare.)

Today we have a perfect opportunity to explore Demographics

Demographics is actually the first trend on my list, and that’s very deliberate. If you understand this line of thinking, you will naturally set up your portfolio for higher profits and lower risk because you will tap into the way the world works.

Then, I’d like to share a Demographics trade that is unique for three reasons:

1.  It’s the closest thing many investors will see to a “home run” in their investing lifetimes. That’s because the global variables driving it are irreversibly locked into place. In fact, I think this investment I’m about to show you could easily double from here.

2.  The biggest money on the planet is involved – more than $5.3 trillion a day – so with this trade, you’re going with the tide rather than against it. (To give you some perspective, the world’s equity markets trade less than $300 billion a day… so, roughly speaking, we’re talking about a trend that’s 16.7x bigger than the total transaction volume for every stock on the planet combined. )

3.  And finally, it’s backed by a government that refuses to lose.


I thought you might be… let’s get started.

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    Buying at a Premium may be Worth it in this Instance

    Quality mutual funds and ETFs are worth the excess management fees. The raw numbers prove the point as well as some not-so-common sense thinking.

    As originally published at Money Morning
    This Is the Only Time I’ll Let You Overpay for an Investment
    By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

    The numbers are very clear when it comes to investing – the lower you buy, the higher you sell.

    That’s why we’ve focused on so many tactics that get you a “discount” on your investment. It’s the best (and simplest) way to maximize upside. We’ve already talked about lowball orders, dollar-cost averaging, and buying puts – all very simple ways to buy lower and maximize your upside – and we’ll be exploring even more of those in the weeks to come.

    But there’s one investment, one situation really, where you actually do want to pay more.

    I know, I know. That’s akin to financial heresy.

    This is the only time you’ll hear me tell you it’s okay to pay a premium for something in the pursuit of Total Wealth.

    Look at this to see why…

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      Keith on CNBC’s Closing Bell: The Fed and Interest Rates

      There is a large disconnect between what traders are doing to alleviate risk and the Fed’s academic models. See the discussion of this hot topic when I appeared on Closing Bell with Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli.

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        Turning Sour on McDonald’s

        Past resilience for this fast food giant no longer sways me into recommending McDonald’s.

        As originally published at Money Morning
        This Favorite Stock Just Got Kicked Off My “Buy” List
        By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

        This has been one of my favorite stocks for over 10 years.

        I’ve called it a rock-solid investment, a powerful income play, and a global challenger that would be able to outmaneuver the competition to react to changing consumer preferences around the world. I’ve recommended it as a “BUY” twice to my Money Map Report readers, who had the chance to see great returns of at least 42.90%.

        Just last year, I named it as one of just a handful of companies that could survive a U.S. sovereign debt crisis.

        Even amid a 3.7% decline in August same-store sales, I remained bullish.

        But even I can’t get past what just happened.

        Here’s why one of America’s most iconic stocks just got kicked off my “BUY” list…

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          Keith on Varney & Co: How to Play Japan’s Decline

          Japan’s economy shrank 1.6% in Q3. How is that going to play out there and what does it mean for our markets here in the U.S.? Stuart Varney and I discuss the topic as well as the best investments to make in light of this scenario.

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            Buy the Right Amount of Gold Appropriate for You

            Many know that owning gold is now a necessity but do you know how much is enough? Here’s a nifty technique to determine how much gold to carry in your portfolio and why.

            As originally published at Money Morning
            My Secret “Gold Strike” Strategy
            By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

            Gold has taken a tremendous beating in recent weeks and is now tumbling along at four-year lows of $1,160/ounce.

            Things are so bad that you can actually buy the Central Fund of Canada Ltd. (NYSEMKT:CEF) – a popular gold and silver bullion investment vehicle – at a 10%-11% discount to the price of gold, because traders think the price of gold will drop even lower.

            Frankly, I think that’s fantastic news.

            Today I want to show you my secret “gold strike” strategy that’s perfect for moments like this. You’ll get the two tactics you need as a gold investor, a simple test to determine if you own enough gold, and a quick-and-dirty look at how to buy it.

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              Simple and Effective Technique for Locking in Profits

              If you have a winner should you let it run or sell it? The answer is neither. Here’s what you can do…

              As originally published at Money Morning
              Today – Set Up Your Next Double in 90 Seconds
              By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

              A big grin lit up my face when I opened my trading screens Monday.

              That’s because I was looking at the chart for our first “Human Augmentation” target, Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (OTC:EKSO). It was trading at nearly $1.90 per share – close to a double from where it was at the time I initially released my “Unstoppable Trend” report on October 2, 2014.

              If you’ve been following along with that recommendation, I want to congratulate you on being savvy enough to follow along. And if you’re just joining us, the company is still a great buy. You, too, have plenty of room for a double.

              As the first stock profiled in our Human Augmentation trend, Ekso is making some really great moves of its own. We talked about those last week so I won’t repeat that here.

              But here is what’s really got me smiling…

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