Ekso Enters Into A New Unstoppable Trend

One of Ekso’s newest products is positioning the company into a new business area as well as into another one of our Unstoppable Trends.

As originally published at Total Wealth
Ekso Is Set to Conquer the Most Valuable Unstoppable Trend of All
By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

Most investors consider themselves fortunate to latch on to one really big trend in their investing lifetime. But imagine what happens when you latch on to two, three, or even four…

… at the same time, with the same investment!

That’s the situation we’ve got right now with one of my favorite Total Wealth recommendations.

Not only is this going to dramatically increase the potential returns I envision, but also it may render them entirely too conservative. And that doesn’t happen very often.


By unleashing a new set of products drawn from their existing research and development that taps into a fourth unstoppable trend. So if the idea of triple-digit potential appeals to you like it does to me, pull up a chair.

What I am about to tell you could reshape labor markets and, in the process, create an entirely new group of millionaires savvy enough to cash in.

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    How to Profit from Healthcare’s Judgement Day

    There’s a tremendous opportunity for profit in healthcare in the works. But you won’t find these opportunities by just reading the financial news. Politics and Obamacare is where we have to turn our attention.

    As originally published at Total Wealth
    Get Your Tactics Ready to Profit from This Supreme Healthcare Event
    By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

    Love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is one of the biggest single wealth creation opportunities of the next 50 years. But you can’t just pile in like many investors have. That’s a recipe for disaster.

    The biggest profits will belong – like they always do – to those who make a “smart entry.”

    Fortunately, this isn’t difficult. The entire sector is tailor-made for one of our favorite Total Wealth Tactics – the lowball order.

    We’ve talked about this before as a means of maximizing profits when I brought it to your attention ahead of what I (correctly) anticipated would be an oil selloff resulting from the Saudi government’s ill-advised decision to fire the first shot in the oil-pricing war last fall.

    At the time I recommended you pick up shares of Halliburton Co. (NYSE: HAL) at a discount. Then, two months later, I suggested you use it again to buy shares of Williams Co. Inc. (NYSE:WMB). WMB has already returned more than 16% since I brought it to your attention, while the S&P 500 has seen gains of just 3.06% over the same time frame.

    Now I’m seeing the same set up in healthcare. Only this time, it’s our own government that’s going to shake things up and create the profit-maximizing discounts we know lead to huge profit potential.

    It could throw 1/6 of the world’s largest economy into chaos.

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      Simple, Basic and Best “Financial Advice”

      The earlier the better but still it’s never too late to start investing today.

      As originally published at Total Wealth
      Q: “What is the best financial advice you can give?”
      By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

      I’m asked frequently for the “best financial advice” I can give to investors. Most of the time the queries come from more investors who are concerned they may be getting a late start. But lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people still in their twenties and even teens.

      Desperate to get ahead and avoid the kinds of losses that their parents have experienced over the past 15 years, millions of millennials are looking for information they can trust. Many fear that financial security is beyond their reach.

      If you’re one of them, this is for you (and your parents).

      If you’re older, what I am about to say applies… just a lot more urgently. So don’t delay even a day in putting the information I’m going to share with you to work.

      No matter whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even older, you can achieve Total Wealth.

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        Keith Appears on Cavuto: Stockman’s Fed Warning

        “There are no markets left in any meaningful sense of the word, just a raging casino infected with the madness of the crowds and the central bank pied pipers who mesmerize them.” This is a very sobering statement from Reagan-era Budget Director David Stockman. Even though he is right, there are still plenty of ways to profit even if the Fed goes off the rails.

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          A Different View on Analysts

          Many use stock analysts to help guide them into or out of a particular position. However, I use analyst recommendations a bit differently and it’s not what you’d expect.

          As originally published at Total Wealth
          The Total Wealth Tactic That Makes Analyst Expectations YOUR Secret Weapon
          By KEITH FITZ-GERALD, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

          Apple’s most recent earnings were nothing short of spectacular, and the headlines reflected that:

          … Apple Beats Estimates on Soaring iPhone Sales - The Street

          Apple Beats Estimates with $10.2 Billion in Profit – Appleinsider.com

          Apple Crushes iPhone Estimates, Boosts Buybacks – CNBC

          What they should have said is “Analysts Got It Wrong Again.”

          We’ve talked in the past about how far off the mark Wall Street analysts can be, and how costly that can be for investors who blindly follow along. It’s no surprise – or at least it shouldn’t be – given the hidden biases Wall Street holds.

          But we haven’t talked about  how to use that information to your advantage.

          Until today.

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