Special Considerations

We're not hiding, and we're not going anywhere.

This is personal.

I've been doing this a long time, and we're a family-run business. Further, we are absolutely confident that our products and services can help you build real, sustainable wealth over time.

Manners Matter

The One Bar Ahead® Family is built on optimism, mutual respect, and a shared desire to become better investors and traders.

Please understand that there are real people on the other end of your emails, comments, suggestions, forums and at the conferences we attend together. This includes, specifically, my wife and our sons.

Take a second to type a greeting. Great examples include: “Dear Keith”, or “Good afternoon!” Not good: Anything in ALL CAPS or with repeated punctuation marks like ????? or !!!!!. Those are the Internet version of screaming and don’t go over well.

I’ve received thousands of wonderful emails, calls, tweets and more over the years. Your insight impresses the heck out of me as do the fabulous stories and experiences you share. And, for that I am thankful. I love the friendships we’ve built and have yet to build. This special consideration is not directed at you.

It’s the one or two negative, grumpy, spiteful or otherwise just plain rude individuals among hundreds of thousands who surface from time to time that I’m addressing here. Dealing with cretins and malcontents hardens my outlook and is a waste of time that could otherwise be spent finding great investments, researching our next recommendations or helping create valuable investment education.

Please understand that I will make a unilateral determination as to whether or not you’re a worthy member of the One Bar Ahead® Family or just plain being a jackass. And, if circumstances warrant, terminate your subscription without warning.

Don’t be a schmuck. To paraphrase Thomas Hobbes, life is short.

On Sharing

I get asked a lot if “I can share” my subscription. That’s GREAT if you’re talking about sharing it with a young child or your teenagers if they’re interested in learning about the markets. Same goes for your spouse, significant other or partner.

Otherwise, definitely not cool.

One Bar Ahead® intended for paid subscribers only. If you are reading along and you have not paid for a subscription, that’s terrific because it means that you’re interested in my research and what it can do for you. However, doing so is also intellectual property theft.

Think about what you’re asking!

Most people wouldn’t take a 50% pay cut voluntarily but if you share One Bar Ahead® with even one person, that’s what you’ve just taken out of my company’s payroll. Fifty percent of the subscription revenue I could otherwise use to put food on the table for my team and their families.

I hate to be so callous but that’s the state of the world we live in. 99.9999999% of the people happily pay for my research. Many, in fact, consider it an outstanding bargain. I simply have to put my foot down.

I will give you every chance to own up and, if needed, pay up. Do me a favor, though and please do not feign surprise if my legal team gets in touch with a bill for the total tally associated with the number of “shares” you’ve extended.

The other thing to think about when it comes to “sharing” is that doing so reduces the edge you enjoy.

It’s one thing to share knowledge and I encourage that. My research has helped hundreds of thousands of investors around the world for decades. Which trends we’re following and why often makes for particularly great dinner table conversation, for example. Specific buy/sell/hold recommendations are another matter entirely.

I work very hard to keep you and your money “one bar ahead” and there are any number of folks who would love to figure out what we’re doing so that they can trade against us. I’d hate to see that happen because it reduces your profit potential and increases the risk associated with every recommendation.

Knowledge, as the old adage goes, is truly power!