About Keith Fitz-Gerald

I started investing at 15.

I made my first trades at 15 using money I scraped together from cutting lawns and have never looked back.

I was responsible $1+ billion of Performance Measurement by 25.

Less than 10 years later, I was working at Wilshire Associates where I was responsible for performance measurement of $1+ billion in client assets and assisting with asset allocation, investment selection and M&A for billions more. I began developing my first "expert systems" to cope with the huge amount of information I encountered daily. I learned very quickly how money actually gets made and by whom. More importantly, I also learned what doesn't work and never will.

I became a private investor.

I would go on apply that knowledge to the development of sophisticated investment selection and trading algorithms used by one of Europe's largest private wealth management firms and a US hedge fund. My work would ultimately lead me to predict the Dot.com crash ahead of time. More than a few Wall Streeters laughed in my face but, as you might imagine, individual investors found what I had to say really valuable. I began to understand the importance financial publishing as a means of helping individual investors to fight back against Wall Street ... and win.

In 2001, I started something in my garage

I started writing seriously about the markets in my garage office, having received a promotion from my dining room table. I built an audience of 5,000+ individual investors in under 2 years sharing my analysis, perspective and experience. Of course, making profitable recommendations any investor could follow helped.

I also became a licensed CTA, advising 4.7 exempt asset managers responsible for trading hundreds of millions of dollars in S&P 500, treasuries and commodity related assets. I made my first public speaking appearances and had the good fortune to be very well received ahead of yet another market meltdown I saw coming ahead of time, the Global Financial Crisis. I had an audience of 10,000 savvy individual investors by then, a number of whom are still with me today along with their children and grandchildren.

by 2020, that little thing grew to 1.5+ million daily readers, viewers and subscribers

I served as Chief Investment Strategist from late 2007 to mid 2020, during which the company grew from 30,000 readers to more than 1.5 million daily subscribers making it the largest private investment research publication service of its kind.

Along the way I created the VQ Score™, a proprietary stock valuation system that helps individual investors analyze, score, and rank stocks poised for big moves. I also pioneered the 50-40-10 Portfolio Model now used by hundreds of thousands of investors seeking an edge over Wall Street's outdated and badly flawed diversification models. And, I introduced individual investors to professional-grade investing tactics like the "Free-Trade" which have since been widely copied in the financial publishing industry.

I began appearing regularly on television and today have logged 1,200+ prime time appearances and counting.

Now, I'm on a new mission.

I'm taking things up a notch with simple, powerful, easy to use software I call One Bar Ahead™ ... as in you and your money will be one bar ahead of everyone else if you use it.

No more complicated websites, confusing data or half-baked ideas.

My goal is to make it easy for any investor to buy great stocks by giving them access to the very same analytical tools I’ve developed for my own use, and the knowledge I've accumulated over nearly 4 decades in global markets as a consultant, analyst, investor and trader.

I'm also planning on related education because all the knowledge in the world won't mean much if YOU don't know how to use it to hunt down fantastic profits on your own.


New software on the way.
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