About Keith Fitz-Gerald

Decades of experience

Keith Fitz-Gerald is a private investor, analyst, and market researcher/educator based in the United States, active in the financial markets for the past 42 years. He began his career at Wilshire Associates in the late 1980’s and today is principal of Keith Fitz-Gerald Research, a private market research company exploring non-linear price prediction, stock selection, and investing education. Most recently, he’s founded One Bar Ahead®, a trading research and publication firm.

He is a popular speaker at financial conferences and a noted subject matter expert.

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Expert Commentary

I’ve been closely involved in global markets for 40+ years as a researcher, analyst, consultant, private investor, and trader.

During that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about making money in the markets. How to find great stocks, manage risk, and many of the strategies and tactics that have helped successful investors and traders go from zero to millions, perhaps even billions of dollars.

Knowing what to buy is only half the battle, though. Things change when you understand how and why, too. It’s empowering and, if I have anything to say about it, fun.

Some of my readers have been with me for more than 20 years, and that doesn’t exactly happen by accident.

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Certified Gearhead & Optimist

In his spare time, Keith can be found wrenching on vintage motorcycles, cars, and dang near “anything with a motor and wheels,” as he puts it.

Keith enjoys exploring the world with readers, subscribers, and viewers. It’s not atypical for him to ride to and from conferences and meetings, even if they’re happening halfway around the planet.

“The world is bigger than your garage, so it makes sense to get out and see it,” he's fond of saying.

His take on life is one of unbridled optimism. It’s contagious and an edge that millions of savvy readers, subscribers, and viewers love!