There will more profits created in the next 10 years than the last 50 combined.

My job is to help you find 'em, then get your money there first by sharing the strategies and tactics that have helped successful investors and traders go from zero to millions, perhaps even billions.

All in plain English beginners will understand and experts will appreciate.

Keith Fitz-Gerald

Principal, Fitz-Gerald Group

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About Me

I make it easy for anyone to buy great stocks.

I’ve spent nearly 37 years as a researcher, analyst, consultant, private investor and trader. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about making money in the markets.

How to find great stocks, manage risk and many of the strategies and tactics that have helped successful investors and traders go from zero to millions, perhaps even billions of dollars.

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In 2021, I launched One Bar Ahead™, the first-of-its kind digital product suite that brings everything together for beginners and pros alike. All in one place, all in plain English. No gimmicks, no gotchas.

The Morning! 5 with Fitz

From my desk to yours

I've written the Morning! 5 with Fitz for my own use for years and, frankly, I had no idea so many people would find 'em helpful. It's 5 ideas, 5 investing themes, all in 5 minutes or less.

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I’ve spoken at conferences around the world for nearly 20 years, and there’s nothing I love more than working with like-minded individuals.

From keynotes to private workshops, TV, or even a fireside chat, I will have your audience on the edge of thier seats and clamoring for more success, more profits, more motivation than they've ever had before.

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Digital Magazine

Quite possibly the most understandable, actionable, and fun-to-read investing research you'll find anywhere.

Every issue includes specific stock and fund recommendations, profit targets, and trailing stops you can use to maximize gains and minimize risk.

It's the service I've always wanted to provide, and now it's here.

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MMI Trading Signals

If you've been looking for an edge you can count on, this is it.

This is the same signal sheet I receive every morning to spot profit potential, and now it's available to the public.

To give you an idea of how good it is... 3 major players have already tried to steal it!

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The Morning! 5 with Fitz

Join thousands of savvy investors and traders who get their day started with 5 ideas, 5 investing themes, in 5 minutes or less.

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