Possibly America's Favorite Market Watcher™ and Investing Expert

Keith Fitz-Gerald is a seasoned analyst, trader and consultant with 35 years in global markets and extensive international media experience. And as Chief Investment Strategist for Money Map Press since 2007, he is one of the most widely read market experts on the planet.

More than 3 million readers, subscribers and viewers depend on his commentary, perspective and analysis every month to help them navigate today’s complicated markets with good reason. Keith is one of very few experts to correctly foresee both the dot.com crisis and the ongoing financial crisis ahead of time – and one of even fewer experts to help investors around the world successfully navigate them both. Lauded as a market visionary by Forbes.com in 2010, he appears regularly on Fox Business Network and CNBC and has been featured in other media outlets including Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Modern Trader, Forbes.com, and MarketWatch. He splits his time between homes in the United States and Japan and travels regularly in search of investment opportunities other don’t yet see or understand. 

Keith is 100% independent and receives absolutely no compensation from companies he writes about. His ideas and recommendations are completely his own.


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