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Jun 29, 2022

Good morning!

‍Futures are slipping this morning in the early going which is not surprising given yesterday’s oil/rate/tech follies. It’s also the end of the month and the quarter so there is that.

Thankfully, the markets move in both directions which means you can make money in both directions!

Here’s my playbook.

Markets at a “prove it” moment

To a point I made Monday and again on Twitter yesterday, the S&P 500 must hold 3800 or so if the rally is going to prove out. If it doesn’t, then technically the next stop is 3636.87 and support that dates back to September 2021.

Take a deep breath. Extra volatility isn’t unusual even under normal circumstances. This year it’s simply magnified because of economic conditions, failed policies and botched supply chains. Today marks the end of the month and the quarter. It’s also the midpoint for 2022.

Bear markets are a perfect time to dive into stocks you know will be there come hell or high water. And to avoid those that won’t.

Recession, what is there to debate??!!

The fantastic Maria Bartiromo asked me about crypto and whether or not I thought the economy was already in recession.

Here’s what I had to say along with my colleagues, the super savvy David Nicholas and Lou Basenese. (Watch)

Dan Ives just said everything I’ve been saying for 6 months

We’ve been talking about this since last December when I told you two things: a) that not all tech is the same and b) the big cloud facing giants would be the safest places to hang out in the coming economic storm. Quite a few folks said, “harumphhh” and “what economic storm.”

Now they’ve found religion so to speak. The internet is filled with no end of stories from analysts citing big tech, comparative economic stability of low-beta, high quality names etc.

There is no greater affirmation in my mind than Wedbush analyst Dan Ives agreeing with me on Morning’s with Maria moments before my hit.

Ives noted – and I’m paraphrasing – that socially facing tech companies are going to get hammered in the months ahead but the key to buying what he calls a “Rubik’s cube” of companies is to stick with the big cloud-facing giants including – you guessed it – Apple and Microsoft.

Most investors could double shares in both companies, yet still not have enough.

We disagree though on Meta. He thinks it’s a buy and I won’t even remotely consider it until it’s dropped another 25-30%.

FCC says Apple and Google have a TikTok problem

Of course, China lied about accessing US user records!! Reports indicate that TikTok allowed Chinese staffers to access US customer data as recently as January 2022.

Why this is a problem: TikTok is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, an organization that is required by Chinese law to comply with the PRC’s surveillance demands. FCC Tzar Brendan Carr is calling for Apple and Google to immediately remove TikTok from their stores because it’s a national security risk.

I don’t think it’ll move the needle, but that’s an opening to add shares in the unlikely event it does!

Make buying this your #1 priority

I’ll be releasing the July issue of One Bar Ahead™ just 48 short hours from now.

This month I’m recommending a very specialized investment that Wall Street should be screaming from the rooftops about but isn’t for reasons that will be self-evident when you read what I have to say. Buying this specialized inflation-resistant choice should be every investor’s #1 priority!

Plus, I’ve got a few thoughts on what to buy now if your portfolio is down big and why you’ll want to do so. There’s also an update on a speculative trade opportunity I recommended recently that may be worth a quick 40% if you’re following along; it’s not too late to buy but the window is closing quickly.

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Bottom line

Winners are never after the money.

They’re after the freedom that comes with having money.

Now, let’s get out there and make some!



Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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