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Be fearful when everybody is greedy

Feb 02, 2022

Good morning!

I’ve got a family obligation this morning that I need to tend to, so I’ll keep it super short today.

Thanks for understanding!

Here’s my playbook.

1 – GOOG nails it and you have NOT missed a thing

I’ve been talking all week about how Google/Alphabet could be the one that puts a “floor” under things, at least for the short term. Here’s my take with the fabulous Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network (Watch) and my take on why “Google is the one” with the super sharp Alexis Christoforous on Yahoo! Finance. (Watch)

Now Alphabet is going to split 20:1, which could ignite another huge run higher. Not to be a downer, but Alphabet still faces a mounting series of legal challenges and hostile legislators keen to rain on the company’s parade. (Read)

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em … the action will be amazing in the months ahead.

2 – Cities will have to fight to live with FREE land

Deurbanization continues with small towns across America giving land away. Bradley Roberts, for example, now has annual housing costs that are about the same as his monthly housing costs in San Fran. (Read)

3 – National debt: how much is too much?

I sat down with the fabulous Scott Shellady on RFD-TV yesterday to talk JOLT jobs, national debt, inflation and what that all means for the markets (Watch)

4 – Be fearful when everybody is greedy

Alphabet’s earnings are going to bring a lot of new money running. That’s great but also a sign to be very, very careful. Shades of Warren Buffett ring loudly in my ears this morning as FOMO takes over. (Read)

5 – PayPal gets shellacked

Not all things digital are equal. PayPal is getting positively clobbered after earnings guidance that didn’t match up to expectations. Normally, I’d question the analysts but in this case they’ve probably got it right. The 2022 outlook “lacks anything redeeming” said Trevor Williams of Jeffries. (Read)

Bottom Line

Investing is a journey.

If you're not constantly improving your knowledge and your results ... it's not the markets.

Just sayin'

You got this – I promise!

Make it a GREAT day.



Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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