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☕ Big tech 5, Naysayers 0 – Investing in optimism beats cowering in pessimism any day

Feb 02, 2024

Good morning! 👋  

Aaaaand, just like that... the bear market of 2024 is over.  

I’m kidding, of course. 

Not by much. 

Look at what's happening: 

  • Meta plus 17%, first dividend 
  • Chevron earnings decline but shareholders get record windfall anyway, company raises dividends 8% 
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb, new drugs = strong sales growth 
  • Amazon reports better than expected results, revenue jumps 14% 
  • Exxon beats earnings, despite lower oil prices 
  • Nvidia is off like a rocket (again) 
  • Apple, “weaker” iPhone growth but here comes AI, right on cue and exactly as I told you it would in my Annual Outlook. 

I hope to heck you’re on board. 

Investing in optimism beats cowering from pessimism any day! 

I know it’s not always easy. 

I hear from scores of investors who are uncertain, scared or who simply have no idea where to start or what to do. 

That's normal. 

Humans are funny that way.  

We’re wired to do something but are programmed not to because we fear the consequences of failure. Predictably, many wind up with nothing. 

If you’re reading along and thinking this is me, you’re not alone. 

I was there once, too. 

Here’s the thing. 

Many investors spend a huge amount of time scanning the headlines, scrolling through (anti) social media, hunting for hot tips, scouring stock screeners - very few of which are worth a hill of beans btw, or even just sitting in front of a wall staring at it. Only to feel worthless or frustrated when the markets and stocks they know they want to own take off without ‘em once more. 

Sound familiar? 

Some people think what I’m describing is a matter of being lazy or simply scared. 

That's not true. 

I’ve been involved with global markets for more than 43 years now, since making my first trades at 15 using money I’d saved up cutting lawns. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all that time, it's that people genuinely want to do something about their financial future and the uncertainty holding ‘em back. They either can’t force themselves to start or simply don't know how.  

Others throw caution to the wind believing that they’ll hit it big “if only” they find the right undiscovered gem, or time the markets “just right.” They often justify their actions as working better under pressure or thinking more clearly in the moment. Yet, the opposite is true. 

You’ve got to stand for something if you want results. 

There are just no two ways about it. 

Investing isn’t rocket science. 

Looking in the mirror and recognizing the person who greets you every morning can give you almost super-hero-like powers when it comes to your money.  

Looking at the markets the way we do – as a source of inspiration, positivity and motivation – makes you dramatically more likely to achieve YOUR goals. 

Success becomes information we build on. 

It allows us to develop insight that others wish they have and information we can harness to improve our lives, build wealth and keep it... every single day.  

Mistakes become tuition. 

New knowledge becomes a foundation. 

You got this – I promise! 

Now and on that note, I’m gonna excuse myself early today. 

I’ve still got some work to do on the February issue of One Bar Ahead ®and this week’s AMAs for the OBA Family. I’m not into slimy sales pitches, so I’ll just say simply that you may enjoy it if you find the 5 with Fitz helpful.   

And with that, let’s get to today’s... 

Bottom Line  

Optimism fuels innovation.  

Innovation fuels opportunity.  

Opportunity fuels profits.  

Invest in optimism!!! 

As always, let’s finish the week strong and MAKE it a great day! 

Keith 😊 

Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by savvy investors in 15+ countries

** We will never sell your information or carpet-bomb your inbox with slimy marketing. Ever. (We hate that sh!t just like you do!)


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