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Chaos creates opportunity—a few things to think about ahead of Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2022

Good morning!

There are a lot of folks who think the end of the financial universe as we know it is upon us.

I’m not one of ‘em.

In fact, I think the opposite is true.

We are heading into a bright, dynamic future filled with unprecedented opportunity.

We now have more computing power, more smarts, and more technology at our disposal than at any time in human history. There’s a good chance that we will solve many of our most vexing problems within the next 10 years, perhaps 20, at the most. Hunger, pandemics, climate change, energy, genetic diseases, and more.

People tell me constantly, “No way,” and I get where they’re coming from. The gap between the poorest and the wealthiest among us has never been greater. Opportunity and despair are at all-time highs, admonish the naysayers, usually at the end of a wagging finger and with a raised eyebrow.


Chaos creates opportunity.

For example…

  • Vertical farming uses 90% less water and 80% less land yet can quadruple crop yields. The high food prices we’re dealing with now, as inflation rages, will accelerate adoption.
  • New technology like the Apple Watch is already saving lives while enabling better, faster, more accurate health analysis than almost any physician. The best and most profitable medicines will increasingly come from AI and data, not old laboratory models.
  • Self-organizing molecular-level building materials may create an entirely new form of synthetic biology. Nutritional value could be higher and cheaper than at any point in human history while radically changing the demands we place on Mother Earth.
  • 3D printing could eliminate today’s supply bottlenecks while dramatically increasing profit potential for companies that adopt early. BMW using the metaverse is a great example.

The path to profits isn’t rocket science.

The markets reward discipline. It’s more important than ever to keep that in mind—at a time when most people simply can’t grasp the concept.

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Now, if only I could say that about the extra helping of dessert I’m planning on tomorrow! 🤦‍♂️

Let’s finish the day strong, then have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thanks for being part of the 5 with Fitz—YOU rock!

Keith 😊

Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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