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Defence stocks just got a whole lot more important

Nov 12, 2021

Good morning!


Shares are up in early going following J&J’s announcement, which I’ll get to in a moment.

1 – Investing in immortality will have seismic-sized results on your portfolio




Hollywood’s flicks have been ahead of science for decades when it comes to immortality. But now, science is catching up. Neuroplasticity is a biggie. So’s mitochondrial science. And, of course, customizable medicine. Billionaire investors Peter Thiel, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos are all on board (Read)

So is the One Bar Ahead™ Family.

In fact, I’ve already made three recommendations to get savvy investors and their money in early, before the rest of the world figures out that the race to live longer will have seismic-size results on your portfolio. One of ‘em is even trading under $0.75 a share! (Click here to see what it is)

2 - J&J pulls a Pfizer


J&J announced plans to split the company in half in a move that will separate consumer products from pharma. Shares popped which makes sense instinctively but not like you’d think. JNJ management has realized like Pfizer’s executives did that legacy businesses are holding the company back.

It’s easy to see why courtesy of the WSJ.

I’ll lean towards pharma for the very same reasons I leaned into Pfizer, not its legacy business spin off Viatris … faster growth, bigger margins, robotics, and AI. Oh, and J&J’s incoming CEO Joaquin Duato comes with the package. If you want a steady-Eddie – and I respect that you might - you’ll want the consumer side of things. (Read)

3 – Conditions have never been more sinister.


If you don’t own defence stocks, I urge you to rethink the premise. I’ve spent a lot of time in mainland China over the years and this is perhaps the most terrifying development I’ve seen yet.

Chinese President Xi Jinping joins the ranks as the 3rd leader in Chinese history to oversee a “historical revolution” at the close of the most recent CCP session. This is the Chinese version of being anointed.

China’s openly declared that Taiwan is “only a matter of time.” Oh, and not for nothing, there’s no doubt in my mind that Xi will find a place on Tiananmen Square when he passes. (Read)

4 – The age of the mega-conglomerate is over


Must be something in the water … Toshiba just announced that they’re also splitting up. The company will split into three entities housing infrastructure projects, electronic devices, and flash-memory companies respectively.

The age of the mega-conglomerate is over. Big legacy companies are realizing that smaller, more nimble competitors are eating their lunch, their dessert and the meal after that.

Not all will fail though … a company like Apple retains strong leadership at the very top whereas Toshiba deteriorated into management by committee mode years ago. And unfortunately, lacks the forward thinking needed to make it pay off. (Read)

I’d think very seriously about selling Toshiba shares if you have ‘em. I don’t.

5 – Musk throws down the gauntlet on Rivian


Elon Musk was in prime form yesterday when he taunted rival Rivian after its IPO tweeting that, “there have been hundreds of automotive start-ups, both electric and combustion but Tesla is [the] only American car maker to reach high volume production and positive cash flow in the past 100 years.


I think owning both makes all kinds of sense – the former because it goes waaaaay beyond EVs and the latter just because Amazon’s all but a tied partner. (Read)

Bottom Line


Do not force trades or investments just because you can.

Let them come to you.

Patience pays.

Speaking of which, let’s finish the week strong!

You got this – I promise!


Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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