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First company I’ve seen do this and it’s still under $8 a share

Oct 08, 2021

Good morning!

Jobs report is a big fat miss: just 194,000 versus “expectations” of 500,000.

No matter … there’s plenty of money to be made!

Here’s my playbook.

1 – Seize the day!

I’m going to keep things brief today because I’m out the door to ride one of my favourite passes along the Cascade Highway. The snow has already closed a few of my favourite roads so winter’s coming and I don’t want to miss the Fall colours!

2 – The BBQ is simply better in Texas

As I suspected may be the case nearly a year ago, Tesla announced it’s moving HQ from notoriously anti-business California to business-friendly Texas. At least Musk threw CA a bone saying he’ll increase production in CA.

Buying more … $1,000 a share is still my thinking.

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3 – The beginning of the end for Facebook

I’ve been pretty harsh when it comes to Facebook, saying that it’s toxic, leadership is out of touch and most recently, that I will not invest as long as Zuck’s in the chair as CEO. A nosedive, I’ve called it. And, it would appear I am no longer alone.

The stock is not shortable to my way of thinking because Wall Street still has too much vested in protecting the company. Anybody trying it could get “Zuck’d.”... although avoiding it is entirely prudent.

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4 – Wanna roll the dice – this bio-pharma stock is under $8 a share

Prevention is always better than treatment which is why Vaxart (VXRT) catches my attention. A Duke University-led study suggests that the company’s oral tablet vaccine (which is still in the investigational stage) reduced airborne Covid transmission in an animal model. First time I’ve caught wind of a company that may be on the cusp of breaking down or at least reducing airborne Covid transmission.

The company also began a global Phase II clinical trial that targets the SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein.

I think it’s worth a flyer but only with money I am willing to lose entirely. Kinda like Las Vegas … no – strike that - exactly like Vegas!

5 – This stock could be getting ready to go to the moon (or at least low earth orbit)

Rocket Lab shot higher yesterday on news that NASA selected the company to launch an experimental solar sail system. This is in addition to other Mars missions as well as high demand for their reaction control wheels (basically souped-up gyros for controlling spacecraft orientation in space).

Rocket Lab, if you’re not familiar, is an aerospace company born in New Zealand which is most similar to SpaceX in that they offer end-to-end space solutions – but they focus on small payloads as opposed to large ones like SpaceX.

If you have a moment, look through the company’s portfolio – I think you’ll be amazed at what they’ve already done and are planning to do.

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Bottom line

Life is about more than money.

The headlines, the politics, the market action … it’s all been exceptionally serious lately.

Find your spouse and give him or her a hug, say hi to a neighbour you haven’t spoken with in a while, help someone who needs a little boost, check in on a veteran who may be struggling. Or, simply head for the hills to recharge.

Your money will thank you for it!

Have a fabulous weekend – you got this!

Now, as always, let’s finish the week strong!



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Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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