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I don’t normally buy airline stocks but…

Mar 24, 2022

Good morning!

The markets are up in early going but the buying seems – well – spent as traders weigh the headlines.

Don’t let that bug you, though.All three major indices are on track to close the month up 1%, perhaps more. The see-saw action is entirely consistent with big money traders building positions in anticipation of another move higher.

Here’s my playbook.

1 – Hit that “like” button again and your parents could sue

This is a significant development that I have to imagine rattles every social media C-suite paying attention … a new bill would allow parents and guardians to sue social media companies that fail to prevent addiction in children. (Read)

Naturally, it’s from California which is notoriously business-hostile … but let’s put that aside for a moment.

A bill like this one is long overdue.

And IMHO, will be something that probably gets passed at the Federal level, particularly if regulators can’t mount an effective anti-monopoly attack.

Endless scrolling, “like” buttons and collecting gobs of user data are all known to be addictive and predatory … and ALL of those things are built into Facebook, Instagram and TikTok which are specifically mentioned by name.

Facebook’s not an easy short anymore but this makes me think some putskies could be just the ticket.

2 – NVDA fancies using Intel’s Foundry

Intel was one of the very first stocks I ever purchased, and I’d love to be able to buy it again.

Nvidia is reportedly considering using Intel's Foundry services initiative to manufacture their own chips... which means your next Nvidia GPU could be manufactured by Intel.

This catches my attention because a) Intel’s been dead money for a long time and b) newly seated CEO Pat Gelsinger has the vision needed to return the company to prominence. (Read)

3 – Russian markets reopen – should you buy?

Russian markets reopened today after being closed for a month and big money investors went straight back to Russian stocks.

The MOEX Russia Index jumped 4.37% after falling 10%. Shares of Lukoil and Rosneft, two of Russia’s energy producers tacked on 12.41% and 16.97% respectively. (Read)

Most are hunting for a quick buck but that’s a very dangerous proposition because fundamentals do NOT apply. Compounding the challenge, sanctions are likely to be in effect for a very long time to come.

Meanwhile, I expect both India and China to swoop in with alternative payment mechanisms that will let both countries continue to do business there while also bypassing sanctions.

Other opportunistic nations will jump on board as well, compounding and confounding the Beltway’s high-pinky club.

4 – Alaska Airlines wants your boxes

Passenger flight numbers are returning to pre-covid levels and that’s what many investors are focused on.

The real money is in freight.

My favourite choice, Alaska Airlines, is converting two midlife 737-800s to generate even more revenue. Additional planes could follow if the revenue model proves out like I think it will. (Read)

And with Russian air out of the picture, the Fairbanks airport could be in for a significant expansion as airlines return to air transit routes last used in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Tokyo, for example, is only 7.5 hours away.

I can easily imagine $70 a share.

5 – So much for the free market

Uber made a huge stink about upending the conventional taxi market when it debuted but hasn’t been able to make it go away no matter how hard it tried.

Now the WSJ reports that Uber is teaming up with NYC Yellow Cabs! Passengers will reportedly have to pay about the same fare for a taxi as they would for an Uber X.

I call bull.

Majority control means higher prices and fares all around. (Read)

Bottom Line

You need more discipline in your life if you want more success in the markets.


Simple … if you don't have discipline, you won't have success.

As always, let’s get out there and MAKE it a great day.

You got this – I promise!


PS: A huge thank you to everyone who joined me yesterday for my MoneyShow presentation, Buy This Not That! Not only did we have a great time together, but the questions you asked were top drawer! Can’t wait to do it again

Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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