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If you think this is a coincidence, I’ve got a bridge to sell you

Mar 25, 2022

Good morning!

Let’s get a strong finish to the week!The stealth rally we’ve been talking about continues to build which puts the S&P 500 on track for a 2nd straight positive week if it holds.Here’s my playbook.

1 – Good luck with that!

I hear from loads of investors who are waiting for a pullback or confirmation; I get it given the headlines.

What most people either don’t understand or just flat out refuse to understand is deceptively simple.

“Buying the dip” isn’t just about a moment in time like people think, it’s something you want to do without fail if you’re interested in profits over time.

The markets have a decidedly upside bias.

See my point?

2 – Most dangerous threat the US has ever faced

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi flew to India to meet his counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar for three-hour-long talks on Friday. Western Press is reporting this as a potential thaw in relations. (Read)

They are totally missing the point.

China has been working on an alternative global payment mechanism and bilateral trading agreements for years as a way to get around the US dollar which is presently the basis for most global trade.

Forget the so-called “nuclear option.” This is the single most dangerous threat our nation has ever faced.

Now China wants India at the table.

Three guesses who’s already there and the first two don’t count.

China and Russia.

China wants to “stack the deck” at the UN while positioning itself as a global peacemaker when the time comes. Both moves would neuter any remaining credibility the US has as a global leader.

Not coincidentally, India shares China’s position in Ukraine and, as I reported yesterday is in the final stages of securing an alternative payment mechanism for Russian oil. (Read)

3 – Cyberattacks minting a new generation of millionaires

And from the Department of you just knew this was coming, Russian government officials are being charged with cyber-attacks targeting US and other western energy companies around the world. (Read)

I recommended a top-drawer player in the space to the One Bar Ahead™ Family this past January in anticipation of exactly this scenario and the recognition that it’s going to be an unpleasant reality for the foreseeable future.

Shares are up 17.8% since then versus the S&P 500 which has lost -3.65% over the same time frame. One reader took a moment let me know that the profits he’s enjoyed have “paid for his subscription for years to come” and then some.


4 – Apple pulls a Peloton

Apple is reportedly working on a subscription service for the iPhone, in a move that is sure to boost revenues.


People who cannot afford to buy an iPhone will get lulled into thinking subscriptions are much more affordable the way car leases appear to make $100,000 cars appealing by distracting people with low payments.

$200 a share is right around the corner. (Read)

5 – Coinbase wants to hire James Bond, but only if he likes crypto

Investors spend huge amounts of time trolling corporate reports, SEC filings and all sorts of company related data trying to gain an edge but those things tell you where a company has been.

My advice?

Hit the job boards if you want to know where a company’s going.

That’s how I figured out Apple’s health pivot a decade ago and learned that Chevron wanted to build a significant presence in alternative energy long before the investing public caught on. You get the idea.

Not sure where they’re going but this caught my attention.

Coinbase is apparently looking to hire somebody with “tactical driving skills” who is also skilled in protective intelligence and counter-surveillance. (Read)

Wonder what Q has on offer!

Bottom Line

Today’s markets are very different from those we grew up with.

That’s why applying the same tired old thinking but expecting different results simply won’t cut it any longer.

You’ve got to think ahead to unlock tomorrow’s profit potential!

You got this – I promise!


Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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