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My thoughts on why MSFT could hit $300 by year end

Sep 13, 2022

Good morning!

‍The markets look like they want to tack on a few points to last week’s rally and that’s great. There are obviously still a lot of “if’s” ahead but I’ll take it.

Here’s my playbook.

Move over Ronald, the King is coming for ya!

Have it your way. Burger King plans to spend $400 million into advertising, restaurant remodels and app improvements over the next two years while continuing to offer value menu items. (Read)

‍Makes MCD stronger IMHO. You can bet there will be a response from Ronald. Burger King’s corporate strategy has long been to emulate and attack McDonald’s after letting the former set the pace, determine which way the wind is blowing etc.

Buffett’s Berkshire is still buying

Why I’m bringing this up. You are missing out if you don’t own at least one oil major. Buffett’s been buying for three years and, more recently, has backed up the truck since April as oil’s dropped.

I’ve encouraged investors to do the same thing but have another oil company I like better, which is a story we’ll save for another time.

‍Many people want to “be like Buffett” but chicken out when the time comes.


New chip restrictions: what else has Paul Pelosi sold?

The Biden administration is reportedly going to implement fresh restrictions when it comes to new US semiconductor shipments to China. The limits reportedly focus on AI – artificial intelligence – and semiconductor tools. (Read)

‍Makes me wonder. What stocks has market savant Paul Pelosi sold this time around? The latest was Nvdia ahead of massive Senate-passed subsidies, reported Forbes in a continuation of a story we've been following for a while now. (Read)

‍Key thought. The US now produces just 12% of the world’s supply. It used to produce nearly 40%.

‍**ATTN One Bar Ahead™ readers: I will be making a special intramonth recommendation later this morning to play the situation.

‍If you’re not part of the One Bar Ahead™ Family and you’d like to get the stock, you know the drill. (Sign up here)

Bitcoin up ahead of Ethereum merge

Bitcoin just topped $22,000 a coin as it continues to rally ahead of the highly anticipated Ethereum “merge.” (Read)

‍There is a fly in the ointment, however. The run comes ahead of yet more highly anticipated Federal Reserve inflation data.

‍Why this matters. Bitcoin has not lived up to its billing. It hasn’t been resilient, an inflation hedge, or anything else remotely resembling the supposedly uncorrelated financial freedom proponents espouse. In fact, the opposite is true. Bitcoin has become highly correlated with and subject to interest rate risk and Fed action.

‍I advocate owning a bit of both. Digital currency is our future; of that there is no doubt. It’ll just be the Wild West for a bit longer.

MSFT $300 by year end

Microsoft has a high “upside capture rate” which is why I think the stock hits $300 by year end if there is any kind of rally whatsoever. The company is growing like crazy, has absorbed China/Ukraine and more.

‍I shared my thoughts with the fantastic Stuart Varney earlier this morning ahead of the opening bell and will have the link posted on my YouTube Channel shortly!

Do you own enough shares?

Bottom Line

"The best thing you can do if you want to make money in the stock market is not to get scared out of it."‍

-My grandmother, Mimi in 1975 (after the collapse of Bretton Woods, the Nixon Shock and the oil crisis of 1973)

Let’s make it a GREAT week!


Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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