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Aug 05, 2022

Good morning!

‍All eyes are on the jobs report.

Not that this is a surprise, but futures have rolled over after a strong July jobs report that many feel will keep the Fed in “hiking mode.” I’m not sure that’s true but that’s a story for another time.

It’s time to go hunting!

Here’s my playbook.

What to own right now

Bad move: Many people try to second-guess the unguessable.

Don’t play that game.

There’s a big difference between probabilities and possibilities.

Good move: Buy stocks in companies that are 1) at the very top of their game and 2) making products and services the world cannot live without.

Your next move: My take – and specific names - yesterday with the incomparable Liz Claman and my colleague Stephen “the Sarge” Guilfoyle yesterday ahead of the closing bell as we discussed the set-up. (Watch)

China throws a tantrum

As I suggested would be the case, China reacted to Pelosi’s visit and the consequences could be potentially severe. Well beyond “tanks on the beach”, in fact.

This morning we’re getting a taste.

China has halted all military and climate exchanges/cooperation with the US as well as sanctioned Pelosi personally. This is in addition to launching ballistic missiles that flew directly over the island nation and landed in Japanese waters (which speaks volumes about what it thinks about Japan BTW). (Read)

Not all defense contractors are equal. I suggest prioritizing those engaged in missile defense and cyber warfare. My favourite is up 20.46% YTD versus the S&P 500, which has fallen by -12.82% as of yesterday’s close.

China could hit this next. Pay attention to semiconductors because that’s where China could really do some damage.

Already on board: The One Bar Ahead™ Family is, of course, already on board. You can be too if results like this are of interest. (Learn more)

What took Amazon so long?!?!

Amazon is buying iRobot for $61 a share in an all-cash deal that puts the robotic vacuum maker at $1.7 billion. (Read)

This is the company that makes Roomba, the robotic vacuum that is the bane of dog owners worldwide. Bryce, our Dutch Shepherd, thinks it’s a great sport to chase ours for instance.

Makes sense: There are fat margins up for grabs. I have long suspected that Amazon would move into home robotics because doing so would be a logical integration for Alexa’s digital presence.

The iRobot purchase builds upon last year’s debut of the Astro home robot, a $1,500 pile of circuit boards that follows you around with Alexa on board.

Own both: The game will get more intense when Apple enters. And it will. Owning both makes sense.

Beyond Meat a takeover candidate

Beyond Meat is down -51.61% YTD and will be trimming workforce fat while cutting its revenue outlook. The media is reporting that the plant-based food boom is all but bust. (Read)

The real story isn’t what you think. Synthetic biology isn’t an option. It’s a desperately needed alternative that goes way beyond food.

Beyond Meat is an early player and, at this point, a likely buy-out contender. Some mad money may be appropriate under the circumstances.

Meanwhile. There’s a much bigger player leading the charge. Shares of TSN are up 23.42% over the past 12 months and, naturally – pun intended – the One Bar Ahead Family™ is already tracking.

If you’re tired of learning about this stuff after the fact or because your financial advisor can’t “think forward” I invite you to give my research a try. Savvy investors and traders in 26+ countries are already tapped in.

Equifax class action suit – it’s about time!

Equifax is the target of a class action lawsuit launched this week for having mistakenly rendered inaccurate credit scores that led to consumers paying DOUBLE for their mortgages, more on credit cards and auto loans.

This company, of course, has blown this off saying that it’s not a big deal.

I call bull. It’s about time credit agencies are held accountable for making billions of consumers who have no say in becoming the “product.”

Simple fix. Agencies should pay consumers to use their information or not be able to use it.

Bottom Line

Don't ever let the past set your tone.

That's a job for your future.

Let’s finish the week strong!

Thanks for being along for the ride – I am thrilled you’re here.



Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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