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Snap, crackle, drop … and what that says about social media

May 24, 2022

Good morning!

‍We’re super excited to be rolling out a new 5 with Fitz format today.

Hopefully, it’s easier to read (on desktop and mobile) and faster to scan. And even more hopefully, you’ll like it!

Feedback, of course, is both welcome and encouraged!

Meanwhile …Here’s my playbook.

1 - More bounce to the ounce

Futures are falling as I type which is no surprise given what I wrote yesterday.

I hope you made your move for the simple reason that learning to trade around core position is a valuable skill in today’s markets.

Personally, I went for a quick downside SPY scalp that’s already paid off this morning when my order triggered.

‍Trade with Keith subscribers are on board too and if you’re one of ‘em, you should be smiling for the very same reasons!

2 - Another reason to buy Tesla

President Biden and his Washington Beltway buddies including the USDOT and USDOE are rolling out a 5-year, $5 billion initiative to encourage electric charging development nationwide.

Good luck with that … Elon is waaaaay ahead as usual.

Tesla is already testing a new initiative in the UK to let other brands use Tesla’s Superchargers. If this pilot program is successful, it’ll be a huge annuity for Tesla that no other carmaker has and a model for rollout worldwide.

Shares have been severely beaten down recently and this would be yet another reason to pick up a few. (Read)

3 - Autonomous trucks will arrive before autonomous cars

Aurora, a self-driving semi-truck company is expanding the company’s partnership with FedEx to include multiple new routes. To date, they’ve had a 100% on-time rate on overnight trips but I think it’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Freight companies have some of the largest datasets in the world when it comes to traffic management, logistics management and real time routing. Anybody capable of wrangling that data en masse will have a winner.

Not a needle mover yet but definitely worth keeping an eye on. (Read)

4 - SNAP, crackle, drop

Snap is off 32% after the company warned that it won’t meet its own revenue and earnings projections. Worst day ever!

Other social media stocks are getting caught in carnage including, notably Facebook/Meta. (Read)

To a point I’ve made many times, social media companies are going to get hammered as inflationary pressure dampens spending, privacy changes slow pandemic darlings, and increasingly angry legislators ply their trade.

5 - Monkeypox: I’m just gonna say it

I noted when Covid started that the real problem wouldn’t be Covid itself (which I correctly asserted was airborne) but specific elements of the virus related to transmissibility when previously unrelated viruses begin to “cross-pollinate” for lack of a better term.

The WHO says that gay and bisexual men are presently at risk as the virus spreads but nations are already being encouraged to examine vaccine stores as the outbreak grows. (Read)

We’ve seen this playbook before.

The boffins are already prattling on about how it’s “containable” and limited even as they confirm more cases around the world. Cases, I might add, that are blooming outside channels normally associated with Monkeypox infection.

You know what to buy … Pfizer.

Bottom line

Investing is a mirror of yourself.

Keep your head in the game, your emotions under control and your joy of life alive at all costs.

You got this – I promise!



Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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