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The case for alternative investments is stronger than ever

May 04, 2023

Good morning! 👋

It’s still way ahead of sunrise as I write this, but the markets are moving lower again as the overnight session banking contagion fears surface again.

We know that now is the time to go hunting, but sadly, most investors cannot bring themselves to do so, which is why, predictably, they’re falling behind yet again.

And why WE have an amazing opportunity on our hands!

Here’s my playbook.

The case for alternative investments is stronger than ever

I’ll be speaking this morning and sharing surprising new information about why this is the case. I hope you’ll join me. There are still a few spaces available. Sign up here.

Most people have never thought about alternative investments, but they should.

Protecting your retirement is more critical than ever!

Investing in today’s markets isn’t difficult, people just make it that way

I’m also speaking tomorrow afternoon at the Strategic Investment Conference being hosted by Mauldin Economics.

I’ll be sharing new ideas for maximizing profit potential in today’s ultra-challenging markets while minimizing risks in ways most people don't think about but probably should. I’d love it if you joined me.

As hard as it is to imagine, the best really IS yet to come.

Regional banks tank

Right on schedule, and I’ve repeatedly warned, this ain’t over.

Not by a long shot.

Regional banks are rife with all sorts of financial shenanigans, not the least of which are probably gobs of commercial real estate loans and other shaky assets.

There’s only one bank I wanna own.


FDIC sends up the Bat Signal, BlackRock to the rescue

This is par for the course.

The government bellyaches about how it does such a great job... but then can’t.

I am not surprised in the least that the FDIC has called in BlackRock to clean up its mess—the $114B in assets still on the books after Signature and SVB failed. (Read)

Moderna isn’t Pfizer but turned a profit anyway

I hear from people frequently who think vaccine companies are the devil’s incarnation, so they don’t invest.

That may be true, but I don’t have the luxury of taking sides in my capacity as an investment strategist.

That’s YOUR job.

Moderna posted a surprise beat despite waning demand. (Read)

I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.

Customizable medicine is the prize. What companies like Moderna, Pfizer, and others have learned about how the body’s immune system works as a result of Covid-19 is astounding.

Bottom Line

Millions of investors are getting bound up in the past.

The market is a forward-looking mechanism.

Invest, trade, think accordingly!

And, as always, MAKE it a great day.

Keith 😊


Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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