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The latest intellectual lunacy suggests buying more of this energy provider

Aug 04, 2022

Good morning!

‍The markets are up ever so slightly as I type as traders await more economic data, or so goes the story.

Nothing we haven’t seen before.

Bad is good for now, meaning bad news lends credence to the fanciful notion that the Fed will take a pause if enough stuff hits the fan.

Not sure that’s true but, then again, I don’t care much either.

The best companies are largely immune from this nonsense which is, of course, why we invest in the “best” and ignore the “rest.”

Here’s my playbook.

What an evening!

We held our first ever One Bar Ahead™ Masterclass last night and it was by all counts a smashing success. Thank you to everyone who attended!

We covered an amazing amount of turf together. Not only that, but the questions you asked were super sharp and absolutely on point for today’s complicated markets - well done!

In the archives: The entire presentation plus Q&A will be available in the archives later today.

What’s next: There are three more sessions this month, one every Wednesday evening at 5pm EST. Our next session – 2 of 4 – will cover how everyday investors CAN beat Wall Street at its own game and the specific steps needed to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or long retired, there’s an edge to be had.

If you’re not yet on board but would like to be: The markets are adapting to an entirely new paradigm and doing things the old way won’t cut it any longer. If you understand why and are getting the results you want … awesome! However, if you’d like some help along the way and a shot at creating the wealth you deserve, I’d like to toss my hat in the ring. (Learn more)

Pay to Pod(cast)

The media has enough trouble right now in the trust department and with good reason. It’s hard to tell what’s actually news because of all the “clickbait” and paid promotion masquerading as real news.

Now word’s out that podcast guests are paying $50,000 or more to be interviewed on specific shows. The practice is particularly popular for – you guessed it – shows catering to the business hustle crowd, crypto bros and wellness furus according to Bloomberg. (Read)

The way I see it, criminals are simply moving on by taking advantage of the lack of oversight in social media to pump gobs of questionable stuff.

No clear investment opportunity on the horizon yet but it begs the question of when legislators will step in with more rules to clearly delineate sponsored posts and regulators will clamp down on questionable promotions.

Walmart laying off corporate workers

Walmart which is at once the country’s largest private employer AND the bellwether for consumer savings announced that it’s laying off corporate workers.

I’m not surprised: The company made a rare flub with earnings just over a week ago while warning about discretionary spending because of high inflation.

The problem isn’t really a shift in spending as I noted at the time.

Walmart’s management failed to have enough of the right inventory on hand which is why the company now has to discount massive amounts of clothing, bling and other non-essentials and, in doing so, take a hit to earnings next quarter.

Reaffirms my decision to own a better, more stable retailer where consumers are plowing through the door in record numbers. It’s up more than 25% over the past 12 months while the S&P 500 has fallen -7.51% over the same time frame.

Everybody who’s following along in the One Bar Ahead™ Family already owns it. Chances are you shop there but imagine how better you’d feel if you owned shares, too! (Click here to get the stock)

Speaking of which …

Marie Antoinette would love the IMF

Marie Antoinette reportedly said, “let them eat cake” in response to Parisians rioting because they had no food to eat prior to the French Revolution.

Now the IMF has apparently taken a similar position saying that European governments should let their citizens bear the brunt of higher energy bills “to encourage savings.”

Two thoughts: A) What in the Sam Hill are they thinking? And b) government officials wonder why people no longer trust ‘em??!!

Intellectual lunacy: Leaders around the world seem to consider it good sport to throw their citizens under the proverbial bus because we are all evidently too stupid to understand this is for our own good.

If I were running things, I’d be doing everything in my power to mitigate the crisis and lead from the front. Not scold people from an ivory tower or mahogany-lined office. I’d start with cash payments directly to consumers who purchase alternative energy products and massive profit sharing for every company meeting specific cost/price thresholds. I’d take a page from Singapore’s famously business-friendly legal/tax structure and dependable regulatory environment to lower the cost of doing business and prices consumers pay as a result.

Alas, I’m not.

Meanwhile: Buy more CVX.

Normal people would build a garage

Normal people would build a garage but that’s not how Tesla CEO Elon Musk rolls. He wants to build a private airport to service his private jet along with SpaceX and Tesla travel.

People will castigate him because – you know, he’s Musk – but they’re missing the point.

Things to come: The looming rise of autonomous vehicles and distributed supply chains will create an entirely new rush for private transportation services at a time when government trust is scraping bottom-of-the-barrel lows.

Not only do I think he’ll be wildly successful, but I think he’ll create yet another business model in doing so. Governments will be caught flatfooted yet again. Consumers will benefit.

Wait ‘till he fields an electric or hybrid aircraft that costs less, flies farther and can land any dang place it wants!

If you own shares in these companies: Boeing and Airbus shareholders would be wise to keep this on the radar, pun absolutely intended.

Bottom Line

Do not sell yourself short. Not in the markets and sure as heck not in life!

Let’s get some and, as always, MAKE it a great day.

You got this – I promise!



Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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