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May 03, 2022

Good morning!

The markets are moving very quickly right now so we released the May issue of One Bar Ahead™ early because I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to get ahead of the Fed’s next follies.

This month’s issue includes:

  • A company tapping into what could be the biggest single breakthrough in human history
  • A way to potentially 2-3X your money without stocks
  • Why it’s not too late to hedge and how to do that simply, easily, and effectively using my favourite indicator
  • A portfolio review, MMI charts and more!

One Bar Ahead™, in case you are not familiar with it, is the first of its kind digital investing journal I publish for investors and traders who want to tap into the structural changes that will alter our planet for decades to come along with the profits that come with ‘em.

If you’ve got this covered, cool - most investors do not.

If you’d like some help, I’d love the opportunity to earn your trust, goodwill, and business. (Get your subscription now)

Now and with that outta the way …

Here’s my Playbook:

1 – What the big money is doing right now

The Fed’s next move is on deck.

If I were the big money, I’d be buying stocks over the past few days on weakness with the expectation of running prices higher into the Fed. That would create FOMO. Then, I’d yank the rug out which, of course, would scare out the weak money and I’d use the drop to buy more on the cheap with the profits.

I might even start yanking a bit early if there’s enough juice to do it.

We will see.

Meanwhile, you can do the same thing but only if you start thinking like the “big money.”

2 – Musk takes a page from our playbook

I’ve gotten a blizzard of notes from people over the past 24 hours wondering if Tesla CEO Elon Musk is reading my investment journal, One Bar Ahead™ given his commentary.

Not to my knowledge but, admittedly, that would be totally cool!

It’s hard not to see the similarities between what you and I have been talking about for years and what he said yesterday … Hit him up on Twitter using @elonmusk and let him know!‍

3 – Morgan Stanley strikes again

Morgan Stanley is out with a report warning of gaming headwinds and a high valuation for Nvidia … after the stock has plummeted from a 52-week high of $346.47 to $195.33 where it closed yesterday. (Read)

Why on earth individual investors continue to listen to reports like this defy the imagination!

Wall Street does not pay attention to sell-side analysts when deciding what to buy and sell. You shouldn’t either. Always do what Wall Street does, not what it says!

I’ll look for the “buy” recommendation, probably when Nvidia’s stock is at $1,000 a share!

4 – There is no better choice for income and growth

Pfizer crushed it with a “double beat” exactly as I said the company would. Revenue grew 77% from a year ago, income is up 59% and the company remains on track for 2022 revenue of $98 - $102 billion.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, do NOT miss this. If you’re after income, growth, and stability, there’s simply no better choice. (And with that, I’ll shut up about Pfizer for the next week) (Read)

5 – John Deere sticks it to Russia

Karma is a beaaaatch.

Russian soldiers apparently stole nearly $5 million worth of high-value farming equipment and promptly shipped it 700 miles to Chechnya, only to find it’s all been disabled remotely by John Deere. (Read)

Score one for the good guys!

Bottom Line

Tune out the noise.

It’s YOUR money, invest accordingly.

You got this – I promise!


Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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