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This city is beating Austin and Miami for tech talent

Mar 22, 2022

Good morning!

Before we get rolling, please note that there will be no 5 with Fitz tomorrow (Wednesday).I will be a panellist all morning long on Mornings with Maria and would love it if you can join me from 6-9 am EST on the Fox Business Network. Yes, in case you’re wondering, I will be starting at 3 am my time!

Then, at 7 am EST, I will be presenting “Buy this, not that” at the virtual MoneyShow. I encourage you to attend if you can because you will learn which stocks are positioned for maximum profits and those that could be portfolio killers harbouring unseen risks.Sign up is FREE but space is limited. (Register now)Now and in my best TV announcer voice … “back to our regularly scheduled programming”Markets are moving higher once again, and I hope you’re on board. They're settling down and that means a return to earnings, profits and more.Here’s my take yesterday with the fabulous Stuart Varney. (Watch)Here’s my playbook

1 – Powell finally says what everybody’s known all along

“Inflation is much too high” and that the Fed “may have to move more aggressively” by raising rates more than 25 basis points (0.25%).” (Read)

Talk about being in firm command of the obvious!Big money traders will probably try to run things higher then sell before the next meeting but longer term investors who understand the playbook will have two openings … now and then.

Should provide fresh juice for financials but especially big banks including my favourite which is still the absolute best in class. The stock has pulled back a bit from the beginning of the year and is starting to look like a serious bargain.

If you know what the stock is, awesome! The One Bar Ahead™ Family recently re-entered and I expect it to power higher in the weeks ahead.If not, consider a subscription to what some call the “finest independent market research” available today. (Get access now)

I suck at marketing and don’t believe in hype so I’ll simply say that I’d love the opportunity to earn your trust, goodwill and business!

2 – Zuck is at it again with a new “security update”

Facebook (sorry, Meta) is now apparently locking people out of their accounts for not activating Facebook Protect, a new security program requiring two-factor authentication and a phone number.

Facebook claims that the program is for people who are “most likely” to be targeted by those with nefarious intentions like journalists, activists, and other public figures. (Read)

I’m not buying it!

Team Zuck is probably scraping data and using the program as an excuse to get even more intimate details about your life including phone numbers, backup emails, and other personal information that could – ta da - be used to target you for hyper specific advertising.

Why would they do this?

Simple, because Meta is losing the digital battle with the likes of Apple and Google. I will continue to avoid the stock as long as Zuck’s in the driver’s seat.

3 – Britain cracks down on crypto advertising: US is next

Britain is requiring crypto advertising to meet the same standards as financial promotions. This is significant because it requires those running adverts to have those very same ads authorized by regulators. (Read)

It’s only a matter of time before US regulators try something similar under the guise of “helping” us.

4– You think food’s expensive now, just wait

The cost of fertilizer is skyrocketing because of Putin’s shenanigans … just in time for the spring planting season. American farmers I’ve spoken with are worried about prices but also whether or not they can get enough in the first place. (Read)


5 – Forget Austin, the technoratti are going north

California’s anti-business policies have many on edge. Things are so bad that even Silicon Valley has had it. Austin and Miami are thought of as the next move but Toronto is growing even faster.

Google’s neural lab is there. So is Uber’s self-driving lab. Corporations including Apple, Stripe, Shopify and more are establishing “anchor” tenancy in offices all around the region.

Canada, by the way, also favours economic immigrants, which is gov-speak for people who are selected to emigrate because they have skills that can benefit the Canadian economy. (Read)

Now there’s a thought!

Bottom Line

People always talk about living in the moment then try to apply that to the financial markets. Like there's an alternative??!!

You are always in the moment ... just make it YOUR moment!

Now let’s get out there and make it a GREAT day.

There’s a ton of money on the move and that means profits are too!

Best regards for health and wealth,


Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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