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☕ This’ll be a game changer

Feb 20, 2024

Good morning! 👋  

I’ve got limited connectivity in the airport but did not want to leave you hanging. 

I see a few headlines worth thinking about. 

1 – This'll be a game changer 

Capital One is reportedly going to acquire Discover in a deal that may be announced by the time you read this. (Read) 

Most people are going to focus on the size here given that we’re talking about two of the largest card companies, but I think the real deal is technology and the payments network. 

Wait till Apple makes a definitive move. 

2 – Not a commercial Boeing airplane in sight 

Boeing's recent foul-ups would create an opportunity for both Airbus and COMAC, which of course, makes the C919, a 737 competitor. 

Guess what... there’s not a commercial Boeing aircraft on display at the Singapore Airshow. (Read)  

Management may as well hand over the keys to the executive suite.  

Continue to short or avoid BA while buying Airbus if airplanes are your thing. COMAC is still a no-no according to the US which prohibits investment in it. 

3 – Nintendo takes a hit, buy anybody else 

I made the remark a few weeks back saying that Nintendo would fade into oblivion as companies like Apple and Microsoft work to consolidate their respective ecospheres. Japan just can’t seem to get out of its own way, especially when it comes to innovation these days. 

Looks like I was on to something. 

No surprise, Nintendo has announced that the Switch 2, the newest version of its flagship gaming console will be delayed. (Read) 

4 – Meta to split? 

I’ve been all over NVDA because I think the stock is primed for a split, but watching META lately makes me think it could, too. Zucko Inc. Is trading at nearly $500 and YoY growth could be 20%. 


5 – Goldman joins the party 

There’s one half of my brain that says good and another that wonders if they’ve been reading my work and we should run for the hills. 

Goldman just raised its 2024 S&P 500 target to 5,200. (Read) 

Always do what Wall Street does, not what it says. Seems to me having a few hedges in play is prudent like the inverse funds I recommend to the OBA Family.  

Or, putskies – aka put options. 

Bottom Line  

They’re calling my flight. 

Remember, the best time to buy stocks is all the time if you stick to the right companies and use the right tactics. 

And, as always, let’s MAKE it a great day. 

You got this! 

Keith 😊 

Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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