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What to do now that Powell’s seen the light

Dec 01, 2021

Good morning!

Fed Chair Jerome “JPow” Powell has finally seen the light when it comes to the poppycock transitory inflation narrative he’s been pushing. That changes the game for most people but totally solidifies the one we’re playing!


 Here’s my playbook.

1 – The world’s best investing strategy in 6 words

Buy the best, avoid the rest.

The world’s best companies are lined up with trillion-dollar trends, will not go bankrupt and will not have financial distress. The rest …

Anybody who hasn’t picked up on this yet is deluding themselves.

Apple rose yesterday. Pfizer rose yesterday. Other big liquid stocks like those I recommend fell less. What’s more, they’ll power up faster as the markets regain their footing. (Read)

2 – Look at this chart if yesterday’s selloff bothers you

I hear from people frequently who trade day to day and some of ‘em are darn good at it. Most are not which is why they freak when the you know what hits the fan like it did last Friday and again yesterday.

Many think they’re investing only to find out the hard way that they’ve been speculating.

Here’s why I say that … there’s a 53.1% probability of a higher close by tomorrow but those same odds jump to 93.1% a decade from now. It makes sense to play the longer game.

The other thing I hear from people whenever I bring this up is that they don’t have that kind of time.


Every $1,000 invested in a tiny controversial company you may have heard of ten years ago in November – Tesla – was worth more than $204,000 as of last month. That is a 20,000%+ return.

Playing the long game is exactly what you want to do, especially when everybody else flubs the short one.

Start working your buy list – there are 10-15 “Tesla’s” out there right now.

3 – If you thought Dark Pools were bad

Shares of Amazon and Goldman Sachs are on the run in the early going after CNBC reported that that they’ve teamed up on a cloud-based offering for Wall Street trading firms called the GD Financial Cloud.

To say I’m leery is an understatement. Goldman plans to monetize the service – and I am not making this up – through the trading and financial opportunities it will generate. (Read)

Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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