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Where to invest right now and what to buy

Mar 04, 2022

Good morning!

Sadly, both the shelling and the selling continue. Markets are down as expected and I’ve warned for several consecutive weeks they would be.

Here’s my playbook.

1 – Why Biden hasn’t banned Russian oil



The WH says that banning Russian oil will hurt American consumers already struggling with high fuel costs and inflation. And they’re right.

My guess is that they haven’t (yet) because there is something far more sinister at work. It’s not a stretch to imagine Putin has told Biden straight up that he’ll break out the nukes if America cuts him off.

The calculus is pretty simple to me even if the rationale is not.

Selling higher prices to the American people and taking the heat is a better bet than the risk of turning a few of our major cities into smouldering pits for the next thousand years.

The ban will happen but after behind the scenes conversations get nukes off the table.

Staying on the putskies to counter the Russkies, meanwhile.

And with oil.

It’s already taken out the $100 a barrel target I predicted last summer and again last November during multiple appearances on Fox Business and other media.

Now $150 a barrel isn’t out of the question, which I also noted recently during a chat with my friend and colleague the super-sharp Scott “the Cow Guy” Shellady. (Watch)

2 – If you’re buying … and I hope you are


There’s a ‘uuuuge difference between “buying the dip” blindly because you can and buying the right stocks when they dip.

3 – Get your MD … work at Walmart??!!


I’ll just say it.

Walmart will be the largest healthcare provider in the United States … 5 years or less. Max.

Walmart has been quietly testing various primary care services in several states including Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, etc. Now, they’re reportedly using Epic, a world-renowned electronic medical records provider that can tie them in with the 2,000 hospitals that already use it. (Read)

Makes sense to me.

Walmart has the footprint (4,700+ stores and growing), the financial clout to self-insure a massive cross section of our population, and the stability needed to counter out of control labor and health care costs.

Many investors are focused on Amazon and all sorts of telemedicine stocks but they aren’t thinking this through. What you want to buy is the big player and the equipment providers.

Not coincidentally, I’ll be recommending my favourite in this month’s One Bar Ahead™. It comes out later today and there’s still time to sign up if you’d like access. (Get the stock now)

4 – Costco tops earnings


We knew the numbers would be good, and they were.

What surprised me, though, was CFO Richard Galanti’s candid commentary regarding supply chain challenges. (Read)

Meanwhile, strong membership numbers, special dividend, growth etc.

5 – Musk is a combatant


Elon Musk stepped up immediately by making Starlink available to Ukraine in a move that undoubtedly peeved Putin. I have a sneaking suspicion that the very first space combat will take place shortly or perhaps already has.

Musk is certainly aware of the danger on the ground.

Investors and traders should be thinking how they’ll play space because any escalation off planet will require extraordinary resources a few years from now.

If you’re reading along and you’re a member of the One Bar Ahead™ Family, we’ve been working this thesis for a few months now and will be adding additional choices shortly.

Bottom Line


Things are going to get still more unsettled from here but that’s where most people stop thinking.

What a mistake.

Markets always favour the prepared, not those who fly by the seat of their pants.

We will get through this!

Meanwhile, let’s stay focused on finishing the week strong.

You got this – I promise!


PS: Please keep an eye on your email if you’re a member of the One Bar Ahead™ Family. The March issue will drop a few hours from now.

I’ll be sharing a new recommendation that is set up perfectly for a post-Covid surgical catch up as well as key re-entry points for some of the world’s best stocks. And, of course, the tactics that can help maximize profits and reduce risk!


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*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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