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Worried about Covid 2.0? Double down on this stock.

Aug 13, 2021

Good morning!

The S&P 500 closed at another record high and markets are pressing still higher in the early going as I type.

Here’s my playbook.

1 – Cathie Wood just bought another ~$140 million

Palantir had a big day yesterday and so did anybody who owned it.

If you didn’t or still don’t, here’s your chance.

A bit of a pullback this morning would be logical. I’m planning to capitalize on any dips by selling cash secured puts using the increased volatility that comes with the situation to my advantage. You could also use LowBall Orders to your advantage if you’d prefer to buy shares or are not comfortable with options.

Cathie Wood purchased another $140 million BTW.

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2 – Analysts get it wrong again!

Disney knocked the leather off the ball with earnings. Analysts expected 55 cents, but the company turned in 80 cents. Revenues were similar; analysts expected $16.78 billion but the company posted $17.02.

Why the investing public even remotely listens to these folks at this point is beyond me! Legions of analysts are paid extraordinarily well to know the companies they follow, yet results like this show they really don’t. Wall Street’s money managers do NOT use their input when buying or selling stocks and, dare I say it, you shouldn’t either!

As for Disney, the key to my way of thinking is that streaming subscribers reached 174 million and reopening theme parks. Still, Disney has a Coronavirus problem, and the company won’t fire on all cylinders until the pandemic ends.

I don’t own it.

3 – Amazon does have an Achilles heel and you can buy shares for under $8

More than 100 Amazon delivery companies are joining forces to take on Amazon and UPS. It’s not a gig nor is it a lark. They’re banding together to service the last mile, a point of control Amazon does not yet own.

I still want to own Amazon but worry about UPS.

Picking up a few shares in the contender could be just the ticket if you’ve got a few speculative dollars burning a hole in your pocket. Shares are down 2/3rds from the 52 Week high.

If you know what this stock is, that’s AWESOME!

If you don’t and you’d like to join a worldwide group of super-savvy investors who will receive my recommendation later this morning, I’d be honoured.

Get access now.

4 – Branson hits the eject button

Sir Richard sold another 10.4 million shares of Virgin Galactic this week at various prices according to SEC filings. Shares fell naturally in premarket trading. This is Branson’s third sale since taking Virgin Galactic Public in 2019 via a SPAC and brings the total to more than $950 million since. There is no doubt in my mind that he’s up to something and plans to hatch a new venture or ventures.

As for SPCE, I think it’s a crapshoot. The big money will be in satellites, mining or cheap payloads, not tourism.

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5 – Worried about Covid 2.0? Double down on this stock

Hoax or not, serious or not, mask or not … we may agree, or we may not.

The virus doesn’t care.

NONE of that has anything to do with the fact that Pfizer’s Covid vaccine sales may top $40 billion next year. You know what to do.

Pfizer (PFE).

You can worry about being right if you want but I’d rather see you be profitable.

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Bottom Line

My high-school English teacher, the fabulous Meta O’Crotty swore up, down and sideways that our brains are muscles, not organs.

I agreed then and still agree now.

That’s why we – you and I – need to exercise it with positive thinking, inspiring people, and optimistic drive.

Let’s finish the week strong.

You got this – I promise!



PS: Do you know what to do if a stock or ETF you want to buy is near 52-week highs?
It’s Ask Me Anything Friday and we’ll be talking about that in this week’s AMAs!
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