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You’ll kick yourself if you don’t own this stock in 5 years

Oct 29, 2021

Good morning!

Futures are down as I type but I doubt very seriously that’ll be the case for long. There’s simply too much money that wants to go to “work” especially when it comes to the world’s “best” companies and especially when it comes to the re-opening which …news flash … continues even though that seems to have faded from the headlines.

Here’s my playbook.

1 – What to make of Apple (and do now)

People are focused on the fact that Tim Cook said supply issues cost the company $6 billion which sounds like a lot until you focus on the fact that Apple reported revenues of $83 billion. That’s $922 million worth of stuff sold every 24 hours. (Read)

Let that sink in.

Demand for every product Apple makes in every category is UP. Overall revenue is up +29% year over year and gross margin expanded to 42.2%. It is a record quarter. Apple has 745 million paid subscribers including Apple’s App Store and Apple Music. That’s 160 million more users this year than last year and the fifth consecutive annual increase in as many years.

Not a “miss” in my book by any stretch of the imagination. Buy the dip if you can, even if you don’t want to and even if it doesn’t feel good.

2 – Never waste a good crisis: Visa

People are pricing the company like it’s going out of existence based on sandbagged guidance and reports about DOJ scrutiny. Five years from now this won’t even be a blip in the rear-view mirror. (Read)

3 – Facebook’s rebranding is a textbook false flag operation

Facebook’s rebranding isn’t brilliant like some people claim. It’s a desperate attempt at management by distraction, and a textbook false flag operation. The company is on the hot seat with hate speech, damning whistleblower allegations, leaked internal documents related to damning election misinformation if true … so it’s trying to change the narrative and hoping that’ll take the heat off.

Here’s my take as featured recently in The Times (of London). (Read)

4 – Every great society in history has failed when this happens.

Taxing billionaires sounds great but eventually the government will come for your money says Tesla CEO Elon Musk. They already are says me. Inflation, spending, confiscatory policies.

Every great society since the dawn of time has failed when the public treasury becomes a proxy for a handout. History is very clear on that.

Three guesses where he’s moving. (Read)

5 – High free cash flow on record

Chevron tacked on 2.15% in pre-market action after posting the highest quarterly profits in 8 years and a staggering $2.96 per share adjusted EPS. It’s the … ahem … highest free cash flow on record. (Read)

Bottom Line

It’s easy to get upset when the markets do not match your expectations or specific stocks go against you. But letting that happen is one of the biggest mistakes any investor can make.

Having a positive attitude is directly related to having profit potential!

You got this – and I am with you every step of the way!

Let’s finish the week strong!


Keith :-)

Straight to your inbox from Keith himself!

*Trusted by 20,000+ savvy investors in 36+ countries (and counting)


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